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Mastres of KAB. Class #1 : izdachechut hamasach ( good for bussines class )

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Purification of the Curtain [Hebrew] "and because of these 'heyarot elionot' these upper 'heyara' [Hebrew] the root, from where all this began [Hebrew] he becomes very "misdachech" - what does that mean? all of the material, and we are talking about consciousness you know, don't become lost when suddenly we are talking about the body was lost, we are talking "body of thought" becomes lost There's body of thought, and there's the head of thought the head of consciousness this is what we are trying reach to become part of us all the time that all we should ever consider is nothing in a material way, but rather the 99%, which is immaterial and that if things disappear if money disappears the 2800 stores disappear the consciousness didn't disappear the 1% of the 2800, so someone is losing money He made money last year and he is losing money this year the material, the body was lost that under goes his [Hebrew: Hizdachechut] not only that, he says: [Hebrew] all of a sudden when there is a disappearance when there is a disappearance of the material the guy is losing money we should understand the Light now can shine even greater no limitation when I had a thought "real estate" I should have gone into all the aspects of real estate well "how can I..." yeah, if the Light, if the idea of real estate came to you if the idea of an apartment house came to you, then your consciousness begins with a limitation but someone had a thought of stores, where in Queens that was the thought, Queens, store-Queens, then he is a man of limited capabilities what do you mean? His consciousness not everyone has a mission here with an expanded consciousness everyone has their own degree why? because... and the reason why one will only want one store and someone wants 100 stores is not because he has greater, yes because he has greater desires but what brought about the greater desire? the Light wanted to become revealed by him, and therefore in him it created the greater desire now if he undergoes all these loses , and no more stores he should understand that all that went wrong was not, not, the idea that the 2800 stores should disappear the consciousness never disappears what disappeared was, in the process we know in this world of illusion it looks like he is losing money oh, he is losing money and then, right, the first thing he has to do is cut who tells him to cut? on the contrary, expand expand?, how can I expand I have no control what I have the reason that things are going bad is because you said 2800 don't stop at 2800, it should be 5600....5600 and the Light is angry the Light is angry it wants to become revealed in a greater, I am using the idea of stores Everyone can connect with that, just speak with our consciousness where the action really is, because the Light wants to be revealed more therefore, when the Light blows what do we see when the light blows? more light than was ever revealed in that bulb ask someone why? ask someone who learned electronics why? no answer, no answer what is the answer? The answer is once the electricity became contained imprisoned by a 50 watt bulb or a 50 trillion watt bulb, it became imprisoned and once the filament blew and that imprisonment disappeared the full brilliance of the Light can become revealed therefore the reason this fellow is losing money is to shake him up why have you limited me only to 2800 the Light is saying I want unlimited amount of stores not that amount, whatever becomes manifested as a body consciousness is a limitation same way as this person became limited became limited by the fact the hand disappeared the reason the hand disappeared because, this hand is supposed to have had .. how should say this He was using the hand for bolting the nuts on the screws along comes the Light and says, what are you doing? that hand can paint, that hand can produce, can write a book you are using it, look at what you are using! in the same way when we undergo whatever we are doing this down slide , because the Light is telling us What are you Doing? this is where I brought you to? I am not satisfied with that ! it's the same idea. Same idea, as the electrical current which is unhappy being contained in this prison of whatever, whatever amount of wattage it has been limited to therefore, the Ari says once its (hebrew) then the Light begins to shine in Its full Brilliance , because it has been taken out of prison. its been taken out of the body but, a Soul without a body, it cannot express itself unfortunately, it needs to body. unfortunately, the Light with the idea of the 5,600 stores if there are no stores then it's not revealed this is the only problem but the consciousness of there being 5,600 stores is there will always remain there despite a total breakdown is because More! demand the breakdown is only because More! was demanded The same way as the filament is worn down why is the filament worn down? why does the filament blow? go? because the electrical current says, what are you doing putting me into a 5 watt bulb? I'm not happy, I'm not happy! the filament says , I don't care you are not happy bread of shame says, I don't deserve more than 5 if this guy who is building these stores continue to stay as he is going up from one, five, ten, to twelve it's getting bigger, I don't want it to bigger who says I deserve all the profit from each new developing store if we had this consciousness you can't fail! you don't even have to think of let me keep what I have the worse plague to consciousness Oh! it's going down, now how do I keep what I got? Going against the Light Going against the Light. We will stop here

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izdachechut hamasach ( good for bussines class ) tle424 6.13.1991

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