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Those People - Week 4

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I have to brace myself. That door is about to open and my blood is going to boil. Jake, is that the kind of shirt you're wearing? The minute she speaks, I realize why we ended it. Say hi to my X, the woman who puts the cry in critical. Her words grate on my ear drums like a moldy piece of cheese. You only get one life to live and this is what you're doing with it? It's the road I like to travel! It's moments like this I crave silence! I wish I had a device that could put her on mute! If only that was the way to deal with Those people! Well, I'm so glad to have all of you with us today. We are wrapping up the series and we're talking about, help me out at all of our churches, who are we talking about? We're talking about, you know, Those People! Today, we're going to talk about Those Critical People. Those people that nit-pick everything, criticize anything and everything that we ever do. All of our churches, everybody participating, how many of you deal with sometimes or often, someone who can be very, very critical? Would you raise your hands up now? You deal with critical people. If you're sitting back going, I hate that he asks those stupid questions every week! I just want you to know we're talking about you! Today, we're talking about those critical people. This is an issue that can be very painful for us on the receiving end, but it has been an issue that as you know that has been around since the beginning of time. There are many examples in Scripture of those who were overly critical. In fact, I put in your notes three different examples that you can see one group criticizing another. In fact, if you married someone maybe your family didn't like, then Moses and you have something in common. In Numbers, Chapter 12, you can see Moses' brother and sister, Aaron and Miriam, criticizing Moses because he married a Cushite woman. In the New Testament you see evidently a lot of people criticize the Apostle Paul for not being a very good speaker. And if you read his writings, he seems to be maybe a little bit defensive or sensitive, because he was always kind saying you know, 'I may not be eloquent but I preach the Gospel.' We don't know for sure if he was a good or bad speaker, we do know he was not concise. You can read in Acts, Chapter 20, one time and the Bible just says, 'He went on and on in the middle of the night. He just kept on preaching so long, this poor kid named Uticus was sitting in a window. He got so bored the kid fell asleep, fell out the window and died!' That's how long he talked! Paul had to go down and raise him from the dead and then he taught through the night. Now, if you don't like my preaching, to the best of my knowledge I've never put someone to sleep and they fell out a window and died! Just saying! Okay, also Jesus, the one who was, I mean this is what really ministers to me, perfect in every way, without sin, and yet was criticized all of the time. The Pharisees, the Roman soldiers, they picked Him apart. He was often criticized for eating with sinners, healing on the Sabbath, and on and on and on and on. The reality is and we have to acknowledge this, that we will be criticized. I know I'm kind of like a magnet for criticism. People pick apart a lot about me. It's very common for people to criticize us because we have six kids. You know, all of the jokes and stuff, you know, Are they all yours? and you know, Do you know what causes that? Like, you think I've never heard that before you know! They criticize us for the way we educate our kids, I mean all sorts of people don't like our educational philosophy. In the Church world, we're criticized for doing multi-site deal, we're criticized for teaching on video all of the time. I'm criticized for not being deep enough, which maybe that's true. I'm criticized for being a mega-church pastor, because once you're a pastor of a large church, you're disqualified from ever having a heart for God and being pure in any way. It's just you know, it's just the nature of the deal. I'm criticized for, what's funny, is for the way I dress at church. In fact, the number one most common response that I hear to my messages, it's not about the messages, but it's about the clothes I wear. Like, That was too this, and that was too that, and It didn't match! A couple of weeks ago, I guess I wore a v-neck with a v-neck sweater! I about split the church, I mean, it was like I might as well preach heresy! Like everyone, What is the world coming to Pastor Craig? You know, on and on and on and on! And I just have to acknowledge, I'm going to be criticized. It really sank in several years ago, when I was taking a trip to speak at a pastor's conference. And at that time, I didn't travel enough to have the frequent flier miles to bump me up to first class. I'd never been in first class and I made a connecting flight and there were several other pastors that were going to the same conference that joined me on the final leg of that flight. They were speaking at the conference and they were sitting in first class. And when I got off, this one pastor really felt a burden to help me see the errors of my way and he said, Craig, you really should be sitting in first class. I said, Thanks, I appreciate that, it's just not my flow! And he said, No! And he really got angry and he said, You know, I need to talk to the elders of your church, and they need to take better care of you! And, You need to be in... And I said, Thank you, but it's just.... And I mean, I'm telling you, he came again and raised his voice at me and I couldn't believe I was being criticized for not sitting in first class. Well on the way back, on the final leg of my trip back, I actually got bumped up to first class. I thought, Wow! What a weird deal, I just got criticized for not being.., now I'm sitting in first class! And sure enough, first class people get on first and everybody else comes and walks by them and I thought that felt kind of awkward. Well, one guy had been drinking, he was loud and obnoxious before we got on the plane. He walked up, looked straight at me and he said, Well, nice way for Mr. Mega-church Pastor to spend the church money sitting in first class! I'm like criticized if I do, criticized if I don't! I just have to recognize I will be criticized! Everybody say that aloud, say, I will be criticized! It's just a part of life! I don't know who it will be for you, it could be the friends that you work with or go to school with that are like, Oh, you're a Christian person! You're holier than thou! You didn't go to the party with us! Oh, you're saving yourself until your married? I mean, how stupid is that? It could be family members who are like, I can't believe the way you spend your money. I can't believe the way you don't spend your money! I can't believe the way you dress your kids! You know, I can't believe the way you raise your kids, I would never do that! I can't believe the path you've chosen for your life! One thing I've realized is that women who have kids just can't win in their career. If you're a stay-at-home mom, the working mom's are like, Oh, so you don't do anything with your life? If you're a working mom, the stay-at-home mom, Oh, so you don't love your kids! You know, it's just like you can't win! It could be, unfortunately, some people have very painful marriages, and it's your spouse that nit-picks everything, picks you apart: Don't like the way you chew your food! Don't like the way you talk! Don't like the way you act when company is over! I don't like the way when you load the dishwasher! You don't do anything to the house, you just sit there all of the time, just with your remote! Oh, you've been eating well haven't you? Putting on some weight, those jeans don't fit like they used to do they? Or always criticizing you about your past, Well you know, back in the... And you know you're going, That's 20-years ago! And yet, they're still criticizing you for your past! It could be, you know, sometimes Christians can be the most critical of other Christians. I mean, it's just crazy you know, I can't believe you read out of that Bible version! And, You're such and such age and you're not married? Well, if you had more faith then you'd be married like I am! And then you just want to say, I don't want that kind of faith because I don't want to be married to the person you're married to! But you never say that because you're way too godly for that! You know, or I know a lot of you will hear it, Oh, so you go to That church! You go to That church! And you know, often times they'll call our church a cult, which I always think is funny. I always tell pastors, If nobody is calling you a cult every now and then, you're not doing squat! I'm just saying! But you know, and they on and on and on the criticism comes. And especially when it's from people that you love or hang out with a lot, it really can rip your heart out. How do you deal with those critical people? Now, before we unpack some teaching on dealing with unjust criticism, I think it would be a huge mistake to ignore the value of constructive criticism because we can learn so much from people that care about us, that want to speak truth in love. And so, real quickly would you just write this down: Never ignore the value of constructive criticism. I don't want to brush by this without treating this for a moment. In fact, Scripture says in Proverbs 15:31-32, help me all of our churches: If you listen to... What? Say it aloud: If you listen to constructive criticism... Where will you live? The Bible says: will be at home among the wise. You are so wise to listen to that constructive feedback, but: ...If you reject this type of criticism... What do you do to yourself? The Bible says: only harm yourself. One of the most valuable things that you can do as a leader, as a parent, as a Christian, as a student, as an employee, is crave helpful feedback and listen to constructive criticism. In fact, every week on Saturday, I teach two times on Saturday and then teach on Sunday mornings. And every week after the first message, I go back into my little office and a few people come back in and they offer constructive critique. And they'll always say something like, Craig, I know you thought that joke was funny, it's not! Give it up! Or they'll say, You know, when you said such and such, an international audience wouldn't have understood what you were saying. And so, every week there's those people who help me, and it's so valuable. In fact, at our church, especially on our staff, we really try to create a culture that gives and craves helpful feedback. And one of the things that we do every year, we have this anonymous 360 evaluation. And that means everybody around us gets to evaluate us anonymously, and that's true for me. So, I've got all of the staff around me gets to anonymously give me feedback. Well, I'll just be real honest, a few years ago some of the feedback was not really good. And in fact, there's one staff member that was just ripping me up one side and down the other. So I said to our tech guys, I said, Find out who this person is! They said, We can't, it's anonymous! I'm like, I know there's a way, find it! And they said, Look, we can't find out, but even if we could, we said we wouldn't. We have to have integrity! I'm like, Forget integrity, I want justice! Find this person! And obviously, we didn't do that! But I had to actually acknowledge that there were several people saying some things about my leadership that at first I didn't want to hear; but then I realized, you know what, they're actually right. And so, I made some very significant changes in the way I spend my time. And this year, I was actually sitting in a meeting. Now, it's no secret I don't like meetings, I always say you never change the world in meetings. And so, I was in this meeting that was kind of going long and I was a little bit bored, so I opened up my laptop and I saw in my email that my 360 review had just come back. I said, Well, I wonder how I did this year! So, I opened it up and I started reading it. And I've just got to say, I'm not bragging, but it was good! And they were like, I was like all off the charts and it was just very positive, and it wasn't always that way. And I got down to the very end which is probably the most helpful part, there's open-ended questions, what does so and so do well? What's one suggestion to do better? And then, everybody gets one sentence to say. I'm sitting there in a meeting just reading this and I'd been in it for probably eight or ten minutes reading it. And it says, What could Craig do better? And the first thing says, Craig is often distracted in meetings, Craig doesn't pay attention in meetings, Craig's inattention in meetings can be disrespectful. I'm sitting there reading this, I'm like, closed my laptop! I'm sitting there like, trying to re-engage! And it's so important, I'm telling you, it's so important, it's so important in your marriage when your spouse who loves you offers loving and constructive feedback. When your boss, when your coworkers, when your kids; Mom, you're always yelling at me all of the time! And maybe you are always yelling. Constructive feedback can be life-changing. Today, in the rest of our time, I want to talk more about unjust criticism, but it would be totally inappropriate for me to omit the value of listening to constructive criticism. Alright, let's do this, let's talk about three prayers today because in this series, as you know we are being very prayerful in how we deal with people, especially when it comes to this subject of dealing with unjust criticism. We don't want to react with our fleshly, ungodly reactions, we want to respond with Spirit-led direction. So the first prayer that I would challenge you to pray as you're dealing with unjust criticism is: God, help me know when to respond to criticism. Now, notice I didn't say when to react, because that's what we often do. We get upset, How dare you! And we get out on Facebook and say, I can't believe these people! And you know, don't try to solve your private problems on a public forum! Okay, don't do that! Don't Tweet about your mom being uncool to you, just don't do that! But, what we need to learn is prayerfully to respond not react. As a leader, don't you dare lead defensively. You want to weaken your credibility, lead defensively. What we do is we respond at times when God would lead us to do so and we don't always respond to criticism. There's some criticism we just want to shake off and not respond to, but there are times when an explanation could bring understanding and understanding could diffuse unjust criticism. In fact, Gideon did this with a group called the Ephraimites. Let me show you the story. Judges, Chapter 8:1-2, the Ephraimites, we're going to watch as they're criticizing Gideon. They asked Gideon: Why have you treated us like this? And they were upset at some of the things he was doing. And what did they do? The verse says: ...And they criticized him sharply. They were up into his business. Verse Two, what did he do? The Bible says: ...But he answered them. And if you want to read through it, he basically said, my summary would be, he said, 'Hey guys, back off a little bit. What have I gotten done? You're eating better food, we're making spiritual progress, God gave our enemies, the Midianites, into our hands.' And he answered their unjust criticism. Then in verse three, here was the response, the result: When the men of Ephraim... What? Say it aloud: When the men of Ephraim heard Gideon's answer..., The Bible says: ...they were no longer angry. A Spirit-directed response diffused unjust criticism, and you can be led by God to do this at different times. For example, there was one pastor who was very critical of multi-site churches. And you know, I hear it all of the time, I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me. He was just telling me how he would never go to that church, never let anybody he loves go to a multi-site church. And he's kind of railing, blah, blah, blah; heard it, heard it, heard it. And finally he just said, You know, I just can't believe somebody would go sit in a box and watch the whole church service on TV, and not have any staff members there to care for them. I'm like, Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hang on, hang on! Obviously you don't understand. At all of our churches we've got very capable, very godly staff members; there's a pastor, associate pastor, student pastors... And he's like, Really, there's a staff? Like, Yes, there's a staff! He's like, Well, I wouldn't go and sing the songs if someone's singing to me on a screen! I go, You don't understand. There's a worship team that ministers to you there and it helps lead people... He's like, Oh really? Well, I just couldn't get anything out of video teaching. I said, Well, that's interesting because last I remember you have a television ministry. Do you think that anybody could receive from God via your television ministry? He said, Well, that's different! I just couldn't go to a church where they're all looking at a screen! I said, Next time you preach, try to look people in the eye, because I'm always trying to look at these people in the eye right over here, guess where they're looking? At my screen, that's where they're looking! So, he said, Well, maybe some! I said, Come and visit and see, and see if God's not in on it. So, he came and visited and after his week he's like, Wow! Well, I'd never do that, but I were going to do it, I'd do it the way LifeChurch does it, because I wouldn't do it, but they do it right! And since that time, I've helped him start two new campuses to reach people in his community, once we were able to diffuse some things he didn't understand. And God may lead you to do that as well. Some people would say you know, Why do you educate your kids? Well, here's why. Why are you driving this old clunker car? Well, here's why. Craig, why do you always wear dark clothes and no stripes and they always look the same? Because white doesn't work on camera! Stripes go....and I'm color blind and black and gray and blue match almost everything! Explanation might bring some understanding. God, help me to know, help me to know when to respond to unjust criticism. 2. God, help me to know when to dismiss invalid criticism. Help me to know when to shake it, just to dismiss something that is not accurate. Now, let me just say it again, if 12 or 15 people all tell you the same thing, that's going to probably fall under constructive criticism and you should listen. But, if one or two people who don't know you, don't know the whole context of your life, or you've got one hypercritical, negative person who hasn't said anything positive since the 70's; you know, always criticizing you, then there may be a time to dismiss it. In fact, this is what Jesus evidently did. It's recorded in Peter, I love Peter's summary of Jesus, First Peter 2:23 describes it this way, he said: When they hurled insults at Jesus... When the Pharisees, when the Roman soldiers, when they criticized Him over and over again, Jesus didn't retaliate: ...when He suffered, He made no threats. Instead, Jesus entrusted Himself to the One who judges justly. If you want to make a difference in this life; I promise you, people are going to criticize you. In fact, the more effective you are, the better you are at work, the more of a leader you are at school, the more impactful you are for the Kingdom of God, the more effective your ministry becomes; the more critics you will pick up along the way. It's just the nature of the beast and you have to learn to dismiss, to shake off, to rise above invalid criticism. Now, I've had to search my own heart and say, God, why do I take it so personally? For years, I was rocked over and over and over again by criticism. Why do we take it so personally? The reason is in most of our lives, is because we are elevating the opinions of people above the opinions of God. We are elevating the opinions of people, Do they like me? What do they think about me? They don't understand! I want them to like me! Listen, everybody is not going to like you and you can't please everyone! But here's the good news, you can please God. When you get that into your mind it sets you free of being a prisoner of the opinions of people. And you can rise above it and instead of living for the crowd that you can't please, you can live for an audience of One who you can please. And you're shaken free of that desire to have everybody like you. Here's the problem, here's the problem; if you're very sensitive to criticism, again, you're elevating the opinions of people above the opinions of God. And here's the problem, becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about you. Becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about you. God, help me to rise above it. And I'll just be real honest with you, there were years and years; I've been at this church, 16-years ago we started it, almost 16 years. And in the early years that I was so sensitive to any kind of criticism, it would cause me to sink. And several years ago, God gave me a real gift. I did a newspaper article, I used to do those interviews and this reporter was very inaccurate in the way he portrayed my work. I mean, it was just like, Are you serious, I didn't say that! The article was very harsh, did not represent what I said and very, very critical of different things. Well, I was devastated. I mean, I was like, I couldn't eat, I felt like life was over, I didn't want to show up at church. I felt like the whole world was falling apart and I was sinking deeply. Well, I had to go somewhere and so I got on the stupid airplane. I'm sitting up there and the plane is taking off and I'm just like nauseous and tears and all of this, what is everybody going to think? And we start to rise and I'm looking out the window, and all of a sudden everything is just looking kind of small down there. And the more we rose, the smaller my problems looked. And I was just praying to God and it was like God showed me, the closer I get to Him the less the critics bother me. And somehow at that moment, I just made a decision to rise above the critics, to not let them into my heart, to not let nit-picky people slow me down and say, you know what, because I was going to do something important that day and I'm on a mission for God and so are you. I'm telling you, you are. If you don't know it, you need to know it. God has called you and equipped you to make a difference in this world. You're not just a stay-at-home mom, you're not just someone that works at a bank, you're not just someone who mows yards, you are a child of God with a divine calling. You are His representative everywhere you go. You don't let someone who doesn't understand, someone who is hurting on the inside and picking don't let them pull you off your mission. Rise above it, rise above it, rise above it! I tell pastors all of the time, Toughen up! Man, Jesus took it! He didn't retaliate, that's your calling! Someone criticizes you for making a difference? Man, I would rather have a million critics criticizing, picking apart the ministry that's making a difference around the world than doing nothing and having nobody say anything. Okay, rise above it, rise above it, rise above it! God, help me know when to shake and dismiss invalid criticism. You're not living for the approval of people, you're living for the approval of God. Rise above it, your grandma doesn't like your hair? Who cares okay? Okay, she doesn't like anybody's hair! Where did that come from? I have no idea, I have no idea! Okay, I know where that came from, my grandma didn't like my short hair! I just said it! She wanted it longer. So wavy, she used to say! Then I cut it off! Somebody help me! Here's the most important prayer of the day: 3. God, help me overcome my own critical nature. You knew it was coming, didn't you? You knew it was coming, didn't you? Because we're all one of what? We're all one of Those people at one time or another, aren't we? Proverbs 12:18 says: Some people make... What kind of remarks? Would you say it aloud? Some people make cutting remarks... Some people just tear everybody else down. They are hurtful with their words, they're sharp and piercing. Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise... Do you want to make cutting remarks, or do you want to be wise? What do the words of the wise do? The words of the wise: ...bring healing. I don't know about you, but for years I was characterized by being more critical. Cutting remarks, I could pick anybody apart, Can you believe the way they spend their money? and Look at the way she dresses, so immodestly! and I can't believe that he talks to his wife that way! I'd drive by people playing golf on Sunday morning while I'm going to church to save the world and worship God like, Look at those ungodly golfers out there on Sunday! It was really hypercritical because we have a Saturday night, they could have worshiped on Saturday, but oh no, on Sunday I'm like, They're all going to hell! Hope you have a good game! And I'm criticizing them up one side and down the other! For years, if you were with me in the early years, I criticized other churches, They're not passionate! and They're not doing this! And if you've noticed, I have stopped doing that, with the exception of an occasional cheap jab at TV preachers; I just, whenever Jesus has like six or more syllables, does something to me and I can't control myself! But I'm trying to get by it, why? Why? Because, when I am critical, what does that do? That reveals the weakness, the sin, and the pride in my heart. The more critical I am the smaller I am as a person because my own pride says, I'm right and everybody else is wrong! And they're bigger, so I'm going to tear them down! Why? Because it represents ungodliness, sin, pride and insecurity in my own heart. And just like when I rise above criticism, the closer I get to God and the more I know who I am in Christ, the less need I have to tear others down. I don't want to be characterized by cutting remarks. I want to love people up, rather than tear people down. My words will be wise words that bring healing. I'm telling you right now, some of you, you've got totally jacked up relationships, why? Because you're insecure, you're full of pride, you're full of sin, and you're tearing everybody else down around you. Criticism never changes the world. You will not criticize your way to a better marriage. Cut it out! You will not criticize your children into being more godly. You love them up, you don't tear them down. I had to acknowledge, the reason I criticize other ministries? Pride, pride, arrogance, insecurity. The closer I get to God, the more I want to lift them up and love them and encourage them and empower them and say good things about them, than to nit-pick everything. Here's the deal, you can find things to criticize all day long, and you can continue to spew poison and venom, because criticism never changes the world. Or you can find some things to celebrate and you can see some good in people and you can see some good in ministries and in your workplace, and you can focus on the good and love people up, because if you just continue to criticize, all you're going to do is tear them down and the world will not be a better place. All of us are Those people at one time or another. God, help us overcome our own critical heart and love people up rather than tear people down. God, I pray that in your presence and by your power that we would recognize our own sinfulness. And God, that by the truth of your Spirit we would overcome this and become more like your Son Jesus. All of our churches today, I know a lot of you deal with unjust criticism. I want to go skip over that part and go right toward your heart. The reality is for many of us the problem is that we can be hypercritical. We find fault everywhere all of the time, it makes us feel better, it justifies our own whatever and it's just wrong. And today, if you're acknowledging that, that you've got an overly critical nature and you want God to change you, we're going to take it before God and we're going to ask for Him to work and then we're going to watch as He does. And He'll start healing the relationships that we've allowed our criticism to destroy. All of our different churches, those of you who would say, I don't like it, but I've got to own it. That's me, I can be overly critical and I want to take it before God today and ask for forgiveness and for His healing. Would you lift up your hands right now? All over the place, just lift up your hands honestly. Man, there a lot of hands. God I do, I thank you for a group of people that truly want to live for you and please you in every way. God I thank you for those who sincerely desire to be more like your Son Jesus. And God, we just confess our sin to you, our desire to be like you and determine what's right and wrong with everything and everyone in this world and we repent of that. God, we call it what it is; it's pride, it's arrogance, it's an ugliness in our heart, it's born out of insecurity. We pray God that we would, just as we would rise above unjust criticism for others, that we would rise toward you. And we would know who we are in you and not feel the need to tear others down, but God that we would love others up. God, I pray for healing in relationships that have been damaged by critical hearts. God, I pray for restoration. I pray God, that every time we are about to speak something that would not lift others up, that your Holy Spirit would convict us and we'd stop and we'd hold those words and we would be characterized by words of wisdom that bring healing and life God. As you keep praying today at all of our different churches, there may be some of you who would say, You know what? Of all of the critics in the world, you are your own worst critic. You look at your life and you criticize it. Well, one of the problems is, the reason we often are so critical of ourselves is because we don't really know who we could be in Christ. In fact, a lot of you today, you're probably overly sensitive to criticism because you're living to please people. We all battle with this at one level or another, but as you look at your life you may say, Man, I'm all about pleasing people, will they like me if I wear this, if I drive this kind of car, if I go to this kind of place, if I educate my kids this way, what are they going to think of my kids? What are they going to think when I say this, and the house, do they like my house? Do they like my hair, do they like this? And you're going to recognize that you're really living for the approval of people. Let me say it again, becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about you. And some of you are going to come to the hard realization today that you're all about pleasing people. And let me just say it, that's why you're here, because today you're going to overcome that bondage and you're going to take a step of faith and say, It's not about pleasing people, but I want to please God, I want to please God. Now here's the problem, we're all sinners and our sin separates us from a Holy God. That's why God sent Jesus, His only Son, who was without sin, so that by His death and His resurrection, and as we call on Jesus, all of our sins could be forgiven. The only way we are ever made right with God is by the grace of God through His Son Jesus. At all of our churches today, there are going to be those of you who say, You know what? I want to overcome this need to please people. I want to give my life wholly and completely to God through Jesus. I need Jesus to save me, I need Him to forgive me. Today is the day that I step out of people pleasing, I want to give my life wholly unto God. I want to live for an audience of one. Jesus, save me from my sins. Jesus, make me new, today I give my life completely to you. All of our churches, if that's your prayer today, would you lift your hands high right now, just lift them up high. All over the place, right up here, both of you guys up here, praise God for you! And sir, right back here, God bless you sir. Others of you who would say, Me too! Right up here sir, close to me. Others of you, Jesus, take all of my life. Right back over here, ma'am thank you! Others today, Jesus, take all of my life. Right back over here, praise God for you. Save me from my sins. Right up here sir, close to me. Others of you today, right back over here in this section. ChurchOnline, you click right below me. Everybody, would you pray together with those around you. Pray Heavenly Father, save me from my sins. Jesus, make me new. I believe you died for me so I could live for you. My life is not my own, I give it to you. Fill me with your Spirit so I could serve you always. Thank you for new life, now you have mine. In Jesus' name I pray! LifeChurch, would you guys get loud, would you worship, would you welcome those today born into His family.

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Those People - Week 4 - Craig Groeschel -

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