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Yom Kippur Rav Berg 1987

Why do we say that on Yom Kippur

that is when we get the {.....Hebrew.....}? Because whereas Rosh Hashanah until Yom Kippur, we are preparing the vessel. On Yom Kippur, those whose vessels are prepared can now make the connection to the interior aspect which is the world of reality, unadulterated, without this mixture of physical. Even the physical aspect of Binah prevents a totality of life. It is only a kind of a temporary thing. You have to eat today, you have got to eat tomorrow, and so on. But on Yom Kippur, you have to be {.....Hebrew.....} where we are not eating, the aspect of pure raw energy is available. The only problem there would be if you are prepared to handle that kind of energy. On Yom Kippur, the raw energy is flowing whether we observe Yom Kippur or we do not observe Yom Kippur, the cosmic effect of Yom Kippur exists. It does not change whether I am prepared or I am not prepared. It is going to flow. It is now.

Student: "It is like the Mashiach coming we are exposed to it as a tremendous energy". The Rav: "Exactly. That is right". And therefore, it says, {.....Hebrew.....} in other words, we think that Yom Kippur is something like you fast, do all the right things, that is what you have to do on Yom Kippur. But if internally you are not prepared for it, knows the mere fact that you are fasting today but if internally you are not prepared for this kind of energy, we can understand Yom Kippur as if a person is fasting. I am not encouraging those people who feel that maybe they have not cleansed themselves enough to eat on Yom Kippur and drink on Yom Kippur. That is not my conclusion. I am just saying that it is an opposite perspective of religion. Religion says you got to fast, and so on and so forth. It was saying, according to the Ari, maybe it is not the best thing for him. Let us say he did not cleanse himself internally until Yom Kippur and now, Yom Kippur he is not eating, he is doing all the things but he himself is not prepared. Throughout the year, {.....Hebrew.....} throughout the year there is a safety valve through Zeir Anpin. In other words, Zeir Anpin which is Chesed which is like the right pole of the electric bulb, the electricity flows into the bulb and lights the bulb through the Right Column which we call the Column of Chesed which is the Column of Zeir Anpin. That energy is already diluted. It is not direct. It has been insulated and it has been reduced to whatever extent, it is not raw, naked energy. Every time electricity comes out let us say on a physical basis from the power station. The minute it is transferred via transformers, that is what it means, it is being transformed. It is not the same essence as that which flowed out of the energy station. That is called Zeir Anpin. In relation to the, anytime that you get a diminution, you get a step down of energy, then you have the protection. On the one hand you have the protection, because if you connected directly with energy you could become burnt. Whereas if it comes out through out a transformer it is not as powerful. That is the purpose of a transformer. It does not burn up. But at the same time, what is happening? You are not getting the full impact of the energy. So there is a plus and a minus there is always a price that you pay for protection, right? But on Yom Kippur, {.....Hebrew.....} {.....Hebrew.....} But on Yom Kippur, this is what we have already learned that Malchut, meaning ourselves, are restored to the position of creation. This is what Rosh Hashanah means, just like before Adam sinned. Adam drew energy directly that is why Adam would live forever. There would be no death because he drew and he was protected, the energy would not burn him out, he was totally connected. He would not be burned out. On Yom Kippur, to ensure that we have a year of total happiness, total {.....Hebrew.....}, total good health, there is no choice but to connect directly to the source of energy. When the body becomes fully energized as it should, then it has that amount of energy which lasts for always for one year. This process is repeated each and every single year. From Rosh Hashanah to Rosh Hashanah, this is the period that we are to become energized. And what is Yom Kippur? Yom Kippur is where Zeir Anpin no longer is this kind of protective covering over this raw naked energy called Binah. In other words, on Yom Kippur, we are exposed directly to this energy. And we have to be exposed directly to this energy because if we were not, we would not have the opportunity for a full year of life, a full year of good health, and everything else that would be necessary. We must! Because we must be restored to the level of {.....Hebrew.....} where there would be no defilement, no step down of that energy. Any step down would mean that the year has to be a step down, period of reduced energy. Reduced energy means that klipot can set in, every thing else can set in. It would be inevitable that we must suffer throughout the year. And the purpose of Yom Kippur, the purpose of the Creator was to make manifest His energy so that people should not have to suffer. Yet most people suffer, you ask why because the proper connection with Yom Kippur has not been made. Why? Either he is burned out or as I say, and if he does not keep Yom Kippur, is that better? If he does not keep Yom Kippur, meaning, he has not cleansed his body sufficiently, Yom Kippur is here whether we observe Yom Kippur or we do not observe Yom Kippur. This is what Yom Kippur means. It means the revelation of Binah, on that day. Whether you are prepared for it or whether you are not prepared for it. It will come in. Because that is the purpose of Yom Kippur. Or not the person has to die if he does not get a resurgence of energy then what will keep him for going one more year? The Kabbalah Centre learn transform connect

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rav_berg_yom_kippur_1987_clip2_edit_20141001_eng -

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