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What do you think? I think this is another one of his declarations… ... he [Lula] knows nothing about Brazil, he doesn't know Brazil. He is not talking about Lula. Who said that? Who's made the comment? The president of "Cansei" What president? The president of Philips, that sponsors "Cansei", has made this comment, I am asking people what they think about it. What do you mean sponsored "Cansei"? "Cansei" hasn't got sponsors, it is a popular protest. No, it's not. "Cansei" is sponsored by Philips Yes, true - Philips of Brazil. The thing is, I don't remember this comment can you clarify? It is here, open the paper... What does it say? Folha de São Paulo, it is here Which page? Ah! "Leader of 'Cansei' despises Piauí, is called a fool and apologies" Look what he says: “If Piauí ceased to exist, nobody would be upset”, what do you think about it? Well, I don't know, I would need to read it all to know why he is saying that. But what would you say about Piauí? Err... I don't know.. I I think it was madness of him do say something like this, but I need to know more in order to state who said it and why they are saying this, no? Sure. I will read it for sure, later, I have got Folha de São Paulo... I want to read it all, to get it into context; do you know what I mean? The context, it is... No, I want to see the context, I don't know the context Wanna read? No, I'm not reading it now, I will later. Is it today's Folha de São Paulo? Yes Now, Lula has said that Brazil has... I'm not talking about Lula, it is the president... I know, it is just for you to see the mistakes people sometimes make Lula has said that Brazil has 18 millions kilometers of borders He is so ignorant; there is a song by Lulu Santos that says there are 10 thousand kilometers of borders (A Luiz Azenha's film)

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Duration: 1 minute and 44 seconds
Country: Brazil
Producer: Luiz Azenha
Director: Luiz Azenha
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Posted by: paulagoes on Aug 30, 2007

There is a popular saying in Brazil that goes like this: “Say whatever you want to and you will hear what you don’t”. Paulo Zottolo, the Latin American President of the electronics giant Philips, has learned this the hard way. In a recent interview with Valor Econômico, a newspaper from São Paulo, he made an unfortunate comment that has outraged the blogosphere: “One must not think that this country is a Piauí, in the sense that it does not really matter. If Piauí ceased to exist, nobody would be upset”.

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