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Let's take a look at this demo and see what we have prepared for you. Assume I'm logging on to my house management. Let's say, you have a menu items. You can do basically bunch of stuff that are available. This is actually the mobile menu for advanced browsing. You can deal with so many different options. It happens that I have full rights in order to deal with this. But let's actually start with dealing with inbound operation, let's say. And I am actually doing the receiving. I'm preparing the environment. Let's say, the warehouse personnel is going to use the mobile device and assuming of what type of devices are available even for lean manufacturing, like I said, or process manufacturing, you have a capability to handle the advanced browsing. The beauty of this new design is that you have a scanner built-in. And depending on the device that you have, many people wanted to basically have the capability to benefit from interconnectivity of the menu items and menus within the advanced browsing and the scanner capabilities. Now as you see, we could scan the product ID, assuming that you are scanning the product ID can be literally scanned from a barcode or you could just type it in. And that would be the production order that you would like to deal with. Let's say, the production order that I have been demoing was 192. So I'm actually using this, and as a matter of fact, if you recall, you need to produce 100 as Rosewood Inventory for Wooden Speaker. So it nicely shows exactly how many quantity is there, as a matter of fact, you could manipulate and change the quantity either to a lower number, and say, I'm not going to produce as much as the 100, I can basically lower it by using the minus or basically just accept the default. I'm just going to accept the default right now. And there are so many other things that you could work with like changing the unit, et cetera. As you see, the finished goods depending on the advanced browsing, using the location format, location profile, and work templates, it shows what would be the license plate, what's the item, remember DD2109 was the one, quantity is 100. So let's say, the finished goods put away after you produce the goods, assuming everything came into your inventory, it shows that you are going to place it somewhere and that would be the license plate that shows exactly how many quantities are there, what is the color, et cetera. Now the work is completed. Going back to my environment, I am going to go back to the sales order processing, and I take a look at the unconfirmed sales order. Now the production is available. I can actually confirm the sales order, and I can, as a reminder, tell you that DD2109 was supposed to be produced and T0051 was supposed to be delivered as a direct delivery from another entity. One of them comes from Germany, one of them comes from Asia. I go to the "Warehouse" now. We are switching the gear. I can either click on a Load planning workbench or prior to that, remember, you have to reserve prior to releasing to the warehouse. Auto reservation already set up. I release this to a warehouse and nicely a wave will be generated. Alongside, depending on the settings of the account receivable, you notice that there is a warning available. It says that the Cave Wholesales has a credit limit issue. They are going to go above their credit limit. Are you going to continue with this or not? So that would be a warning that you can basically take adequate actions and discuss it further, add it to a case, et cetera. Lots of stuff can be added to this demo obviously. But assume we are okay, Cave Wholesalers, literally a good customer is okay, they are going to pay us. I am going to directly go to all the works. The wave has generated the work for me as a matter of fact, you notice that this work relates to a sales order has been generated for me. So I have to complete the work here which I have shown you, you could do it within the mobile devices. I show you again another example in regard to the tablet devices too. So it shows the priority, the work ID, the reference that the work has been generated from, and indeed, it shows the situation in regard to how do we deal with these items. Since you are going to produce this, place it, put away in a specific location, then the personnel that wants to pick it, and pack it, and ship it, they need to be able to understand how to go through this process. As you notice, at the bottom of this page, the work status first has to be picking the goods from this location, which happens to be LP-001, which was identified within my mobile device and that would be the item, that is the quantity and is mandatory based on a work class, which is part of advanced warehousing course. We learned how to set all this up. And then after you picked it, you have to put it on a staging. Why? Maybe you need to directly go to the bay door and send it out or you need to package it, maybe you need to bubble wrap it, maybe you need to place it on a staging area, maybe you're dealing with so many other sales order that they go to the same destination using transportation management. So therefore, you pick it up from LP-001, and you place it in a staging area. After that, as you notice, you move on and you pick it from the staging and you place it on the bay door ready to be loaded, and the load continues and ship the goods to the customer. So as you see, the classification is a pick and then load. This is a work. Of course, I can cancel the work, I can block it not to modify the work. I have already explained exactly what other stages that you are going to go through. Let's say, we are going to complete the work and work completion dialog box will appear. And I can say this is the user ID, I can validate the work. But pay attention, validation of the work requires you to have a license plate. Why? Because when you produce the goods in the production environment, the license plate automatically generated. When you are picking it, you have to have a proper license plate available. So you have to have a license plate here. It happens to be the same license plate that has been generated. So if I save it, I can validate the work, work is valid. Remember, one of the things you need to consider, the error messages are not automatically getting turned off. You have to turn it off, otherwise, you get confused while you are doing the demo. Now I complete the work and all the works are going to use the same license plate. The work has been completed. I showed you within the mobile device. Now I am showing it to you right within the Dynamics 365. And for each one of these work, like you see, I can validate, and I can basically complete all this work. Remember, every single one of them, they are work lines. So you pick it from this LP-001, the staging, and then you pick it from a staging, you put on the bay door. Everything is completed now. The work is completed therefore, it is available on the bay door, and you can literally ship it.

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