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A Pharisee Religion

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This is Ryan Williams reporting from Crossway Broadcasting Network And I'm hear at the church lobby at Crossway And I am looking for whatever random fellow that walks up and I want to find out what they believe about absolute truth, about religion, and about some other major topics that may come up In our society. Let's see what we can find out. Guest 1: "Well I think their are lots of religions I think it's all up to how you feel which religion best fits you. Something that's comfortable and fits your lifestyle." So there's no such thing as one true religion? "Well I think there are many religions I think there are possibly even many gods. So you just have to pick one that you're comfortable with and one that makes you feel good." Okay.. Guest 2: "Well when I think about religion, you really have to think about... where is it taking you? And you know that all religions take you to the same place don't they?" I guess some people might say that... why do you think that? "Well I mean, we're all just trying to get to the same place and who am I to say what's right and what's wrong?" Guest 1: "That's really easy... Truth is something that you have to be able to see." "Otherwise I'm not going to believe it." So you're saying you don't believe in faith? "You have to be able to see it. So no I don't just believe in... faith." Guest 2: "Well I mean, truth changes. So what's true today may not be true tomorrow." "It changes." So you're saying there is no such thing as absolute truth. It's just truth? "Well yeah there is absolute truth, but absolute truth may be different tomorrow than what it is today." So you're saying that absolute truth can change? "I would say so... yeah!" Okay... Guest 3: "Truth.. truth is something that helps to guide you, to let you know that you're doing the right thing... or the wrong thing... and making sure that you're able to live a good life." Ok so you believe that there is only one absolute truth? "I believe that for me, absolutely yes there's absolutely one truth, but depending on who you are, I mean my truth is absolutely true for me but that doesn't mean that it's absolutely true for you. You can have your own truth that's true for you. So my truth is true for me, but yours can be true for you, and somebody else's can be true for them." Guest 3: Sometimes I just like to go, I mean, it's a big church, and we've got a really cool building and stuff that's going on, and there's lots of people there and so I kinda like to go and drink some coffee and talk a little bit and so it's, I mean, it's a cool place to go." Guest 2: "Sure! Yeah..." So what made you choose the church that you attend? "I mean it's gotta be a church thats got lots of stuff going on... keeping me busy." Guest 3: "Well I know Christmas and Easter are really important, and so you know we go then and I had a nephew that got baptized you know one time..." So, after watching this video, you may notice that people can get confused when talking about their religion. These guys thought they knew what they believed but they were far from the truths that we find in the Bible. A Phariseeicle religion is often times hypocritical, meaning they say one thing and then do another. We have to be careful to not focus on external actions but rather, focus on internal attitudes instead. The biggest problem with living a phariseeicle religion is that, although our intentions may be good, we may actually be driving non-believers away from the faith. Join us this Sunday as we dive into the Word to try to identify "True Religion" God Bless You

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