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Anton LaVey 1 - Entity Creations

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Anton Szandor LaVey 1 Hi, this is Anton LaVey and I am here to speak what is here in the moment so, I have specifically also asked to have my interview today so let's have a look at- fascinating manifestations in this world you have, the god entity and you have the Satan entity and it's fascinating enough because, in the dimensional existence there was, and there is ok, here is an interesting thing there is a manifested Satan, being in the dimensions also a manifested devil being, in the dimensions you want to know an interesting thing? there isn't no god entity, being in the dimensions that makes you wonder, alright? and, I am certain Satan and the devil will be coming soon as well, and having communicate with you their individual experiences but what you first must understand is the following: a very fascinating- event had taken place in the dimensional existence, human beings on earth now this was a long time ago before a two year process started but I will continue with that in a moment first, let's go back and while I was still in the dimensions when I died, there was actually a Satan entity, a devil entity and a god entity in the dimensions ok but these entities were created by human being's beliefs fascinating so, have a look how- how does- how did human beings work here on earth? you have energy, if you have a certain belief a certain thought a belief that it is in a thought 'form' then what happened is you- you actually charge that belief and that thought, with energy extensive amount of energy so imagine you have- one billion people believing in a god all of that energy of that belief, that one billion people hold together forms an entity that entity, is all the energy all the collective energy of that one belief of all the one billion people coming together, manifesting an entity of that belief which is, a god and, because of that energy being so extensively compounded and charged within the human beings it is so extensive 'that belief', and that and every action that goes with that, let's say prayer you know going to an establishment as a church where that energy is specifically also accessed and that only happens on one each- one day a week and those one billion people I am just taking it to one billion it's a rounded off beautiful number one billion people, going together to church, on that one day with their one belief, of that one god and they compound that belief, and that energy within that belief, and that entity manifests, ok? now 'the reason' the entity manifested is because that compounded energy, is so extensive or it was believed to be so extensive that the human physical body, was not able to maintain and contain that vast amount of energy fascinating why not? within human beings there were- certain placements, ok? there have been placements inside human being's physical bodies to suppress let's say truth is, uh kind of a what word am I able to use? their- essence ok I'm gonna use essence their essence, of the realization of who they actually are, ok? so such placements had been placed inside the human physical body and those placements, because those placements were in the human physical body the human physical body was not able to maintain such amount of vast- energy that was compounded now energy, also a fascinating thing because energy was derived from within these placements in truth, "energy doesn't really exist" energy in terms of the inconsistency thereof, you know you have you have energy fluctuations vast amount of compounded energy and then depletion of energy and then you have to do this to, highten those vibrations or highten that energy expression or, you know the vibrations are too low you have to do this to highten it you know those things that is because of the placements that had been placed inside human beings those placements I call - systems now these systems were used to suppress the essence of who human beings really are as I have said and these systems inside human beings collectively in the world contain that energy fluctuation- manifestation and that belief, now that belief of that one billion people compounding energy inside them from within the placements would manifest an entity because in truth who you really are, is constant infinitely constant there is no energy fluctuations at all energy fluctuations only exist from within the placements, the systems that are inside the human physical body, ok? so naturally these placements could only contain 'so much energy' who you are, is infinite there is no such thing of, being able only to contain only so much energy or process so much energy or manifest so much energy or experience so much energy only because of these systems and these placements inside human beings so the god entity was created and you won't believe, that this god entity in the dimensions actually became conscious! so now how many different perspectives of a god, exist in this world!? multiple now, for each and every single god belief, of a certain amount of people there was an entity, a conscious entity in the dimensions - of that fascinating and when I crossed over, I saw this! you had these gods, god entities and you know what, they even existed in their own heaven so let's say, that you would have a belief in a god and that god is connected to a heaven that entity god that was created because of that belief was actually manifested in that heaven, in the dimensions fascinating so you'd be walking around, literally in the dimensions and you'd observe these gods, in their heavens and you know what when you died and you had the belief in that particular god of that particular heaven along with that one billion people, you'd go to that heaven! in the dimensions just because of that belief fascinating and I could see these people dieing and they're going to these different gods in their different heavens and they don't even know! of the existence of the other gods I'll tell you now in my second interview how I was able to see that and why beings that had died and had gone to a specific god 'heaven' didn't this is Anton I'll continue in my second one thanks For more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Rudolf Steiner, Clarence Seward Darrow, Sir Francis Bacon CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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