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Movie on 2-17-16 at 4.50 PM

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The giver’s about a utopian society, a futuristic read thanks to Lois Lowry. narrated by 11 year old Jonas the story begins with an airplane incident scaring the citizens. The community is aghast at the unexpected aircraft, indicating their lacking the ability to adapt. This sameness enforcing, “stirring” preventing, structured society Selects curious, calculating, composed Jonas as receiver of memory What follows is his vigorous training with the giver, who may be his father! Centuries of the community’s memories to him is passed over: of seeing color and experiencing hunger being humane and feeling true pain.Jonas uncovers secrets -I’m sure Rosemary had her reasons- with the giver forms allegiance, ‘reincarnates’ as Jesus, excuse the biblical reference bonds with gabriel through his sleeplessness, understands innocence is ignorance and ignorance is bliss but in a world where release is death, the truth is this: Jonas’ mother so disciplined and controlling, his caring father so clueless of his killing, his sister so innocent and naive stands for why Jonas must leave this deceptive place in utter disgrace with Gabriel once mentioned, who's near-release caused Jonas’ father’s integrity to be questioned. To save Gabriel he runs from what is secure and faces what he must endure Therefore within suffering he finds joy, within sacrifice he finds choices, and rejoices In solitude he finds individuality,love he seeks from humanity. As the book comes to a close, his heart opens In the whirlpool of life only love remains unbroken.

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Posted by: penny.4.thoughts on Feb 17, 2016

Movie on 2-17-16 at 4.50 PM

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