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A haiku is a Japanese poem of 17 syllables... 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5... ...traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Or English imitation of this. I do speak a little bit of Japanese... ...but not enough to write a haiku in Japanese. Although I'm sure I could give it a go. Haiku's also an album by Dionysos, my favourite French band... Little French band in my hand! Little... little French band. So today I'm going to read you some of the haikus that I have written. I haven't written many Well actually I have They're not very good, but I quite like writing haikus, they're quite fun. Let's get on with it. "Clattering of rain!" "Howling of endless wind!" "I'm lying in bed." "Windows is broken." "But then why is it broken?" "Because it's Windows." *Phone rings* "The phone is ringing!" "Answer it, answer it quick!" "Never mind, I'm dead." This is a haiku I wrote when I was eight. "Mummy bulls are cows." "They have their own little calves." "Daddy cows are bulls." "Linux is broken." "But then why is it broken?" "Because you broke it." "I love nobody." "I am cold and without joy." "For I am a nail!" And we can have that in French. « Personne m'aime jamais. » « Pourquoi devraient-ils m'aimer ? » « Je ne suis q'une coude. » "Leopard is broken." "Why is it broken? "It's meant to do that." *Knock knock* "He's [finally] here!" "He is finally here!" " wait... he's dead." "True happiness exists." "But not in that which you want." "It's already there." "Pelican and quiche." "What a wonderful pair." "Shame about the quark." "Oh joy, I am free!" "See clouds and heavenly light!" "Oh bugger I'm dead." "What will you do now?" "Will you cry and scream about?" "Or [just] shrug and smile." "Now it is bed time." "Or maybe in five minutes." "Now it is morning." "He made me happy." "And he also made me cry." "He doesn't love me." "Oh French! And Spanish!" "But which one do I prefer?" "Both are my babies." "Rain falls on lily." "Mountain reflects the blossom." "Sorry, they're all dead!" "How my head does hurt!" "The spinning! The hammering!" "Paracetamol!" "He he he he he." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." "He he – oh, I'm dead." "Clock tick tock tick tock." "It's nearly time, nearly time." "But not yet, not yet." "Why search the nightlife?" "Why live when you cannot see?" "Morning, flowers bloom." "Ah money money!" "Ha, it would be so funny!" "But it's not, stop laughing." "It's over! I'm out." "I have nothing left today." "Well never mind eh?" "It's getting dark now..." "Perhaps I'll turn on the light..." "Everything's orange!" Turn it off, turn it off! "What's this doing here?" "Is it for me? Is it really?" "Except it's dead..." Okay, I think that's all of my haikus... Unless I can think of a Japanese one. *accelerated speaking* And now I'm going to do one in Japanese because – *phone vibrates* Shh! Now I'm going to do one in Japanese... ...because haikus are Japanese, okay? Neko ga suki desu. Ima suupa he iku. Hitsuji desu ka? Okay, so uh, that's it for my haikus! I hope you enjoyed some of them I'm sorry that some of them are a little bit morbid. Um, but that's just the way my brian works... I do that in French and Spanish a lot If like, I'm giving an example for some gramatical structure. Chances are, it'll contain the word "mort"... ...or "muerte" or "mourir" or "morir" or... ..."tuer" or "asesinar" or something like that in there. Should probably go see somebody about that. Oops! Just threw a fork under my bed.

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Posted by: theprofessor on Apr 29, 2011

45 Tours. A small collection of haikus for you. Some slight bending on the usual theme of nature that you find in such oriental poems.

Apologies, sheep is spelt ひつじ, not いつじ! Sorry for any other Japanese mistakes and, whilst I'm at it, that awful French pronunciation...

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