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Martin luther king - Why god abdicated?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: My Crossover - Martin Luther King This Martin Luther King, and I am here to, communicate about my experience currently in the interdimensional existence (laugh) it is fascinating the words be careful what you wish for because there are so many who wish to be in the position of a god like essence knowing all, understanding all, being all but the point the actual point that is missed, misunderstood, and misinterpreted is what it really means, to live god for how is it in anyway possible even plausible for any any any being in existence to want need and desire the experience of god but the experience of god is based on information god presented as alpha omega knowing all understanding all as all within all that's great, that's hearsay the description of god but what is and what does it mean to actually live god? honestly in this very moment I do not know because I, as many beings have been- lost in our own desires of wanting needing and desiring the placement of a god essence of knowing everything of being everything of standing as everything of being everywhere all the time constantly continuously that's not that difficult it's actually quite simple but now the problem comes in the following placement, the following point and that is to live, this to live god does any beings in existence, know what that actually entails? does any being in existence know what that actually means to actually live! and experience and apply in every single moment - god I'd say that is the reason why god, let's say 'abdicated themselves' from existence has given each and every single being in this existence every single Life force, in existence the opportunity to actually understand to actually experience, what it means to actually live and apply god not just sit there and say: I know everything I've got all the knowledge and information I am everywhere I am everything any being can sit and say that but that's just saying it what does it mean actually living and applying this? in every moment of every breathe I'd say this is the process within which existence is in it's entirety at this very moment of understanding what it means to live god as ourselves as who we are, in oneness and equality now we have discovered the steps which are applying which is self-honesty in every moment, remaining here as the breathe standing as all as one as equal in every moment of being in the interdimensional existence, you really realize of having 'by being all knowing' having the experience of being everywhere and everything yes, great that's so simple in the interdimensional existence but it's also information because that can be taken away like that and then all I have is just here, empty nothing and this we give up all knowledge and information of everything that we've known understood experienced it's all information and just remain here as the breathe in self honesty in every moment apply and live ourselves in every moment who knows maybe the thief in the night will arrive, in one moment who will be ready is the christians thank you very much this is Martin Luther King Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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