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Medcezir 30 Part 2 English subs

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Urmariti Yaman online subtitrat in romana pe Filme-Traduse.Ro Momentan Subtitrare dar in engleza it's clear that the conditions is complicated here to who's threaten Selim bro , called him again really? Those who attacked him ? I think so , Selim bro will make a request tomorrow in the persecution it's clear that today is passed in looses for all it seems like that everything came in sequentially in very much are we fine ? fine we are ok I'm so sorry who are you ? I'm Leyla Ayse's friend . Excuse me I don't know that you came I was putting the fruits plate in the kitchen and you were entering in the same time leyla !! Mr. Faruk , I didn't called you to not bother you But I sent a message to ask you if my friend can stay, basically Mira who asked her to not leave in this time, but if you don't want ... in which occasion? no if it's a problem I will go , I can go good night are you crazy or what? Is it rational to around in the house in this situation ? I can't leave you in the house for 2 minutes

where is the problem , I was putting the plates and he came suddenly he should ask you , the house is his house , he can enter and go as he like so he can't compliment on what he saw in which situation you fall leyla ? I was shamed very much is he saw a bad thing? ...please But he is so handsome, I swear How you can miss out this man ? look at me , he is alone ? beware , Come back to your sanity . There is more than one that honed this man , I swear they will end you it's ok, she called 3 times too yeah sweetie I was exploding here , you send a message then you disappeared mira what happened ? You could correct the relation with Yaman ? yes, i mean almost almost ?? we don't separate in a bad way , but I don't know oh god , anyway don't upset yourself. Why did leyla came ? Eylül , wait just a moment . dear mom I don't have anything girls , just I have a headache you didn't have a dinner today with mr. Asim ? no , he wanted that but I got off when I knew that your father is in the club and I met with my friends . I have a headache and I'm so sleepy so you are don't upset ? No, dear Mira sister stop that , don't press on her Mira , are you coming ? I will close sorry my life , my mom have a headache and I was checking her maybe from the club , maybe the club effected on her , all the heavy teams are there my mom was in the club ? yes , everyone was there, you father was came with sedef mr. Ask with Bade. I was getting out and your mother was come sure she saw mr. Asim girlfriend too your father was sitting with Sedef , I don't know with whom she went you will enter my house for the first time it's a big step in our relationship it's a big step in our relationship my life I hope to you a happy night how ? You will not enter ? no Why? i want to commit you face to face what does that mean Asim ? it means that we will not see each other again from now that means you called me this night to separate ? I want it to finish in a friendship as we start it was the gift of the good-bye ? It was the gift of the silent Asim ? please , calm down damn on you I think so that you don't want to be shame in front of yours neighbors you did the same thing in me and in everyone you can't throw me on the side Asim Sekip Kaya thank you very much for everything that you added it to my life , Long as safety you are cheated me , you put me in a stupid situation Damn on you I hate you Asim . Asim damn on you Good morning Sister have thought where we will go in summer ? Sisme or Bodrum ? I don't know darling , we still have many months that means where Yaman will go then you will be there this summer where is my mom ? I don't know , Nigar said that she get out from early morning yes , she said that she had a meeting in the early morning but I think so that she was go to the salon ( hairdresser ) first ok , thank you yes and we are in April we will make a specialist to the enclose in the Association magazine we will make sure to proof that the enclose is not a lack but something different through activities that will continue throughout the month . Yeah , I will send the text to you good morning are you ready ? — I'm ready it's ok , so i'm waiting the details of the program from you it's the first time that I touch on public attack in this way ok , thank you , goodbye it's the first time in my life I was looking behind me in throb mr. Perol can I take a rest before I solve this subject ? I can't do that mr. Selim , sure I don't have a problem with you , but the bigger of this subject in this way and been in front of everyone eyes means that he is living a Greater tension with the counterpart In order not to grow the events more , I am saying that I wonder if we can talk with the counterpart ? No sir, why are you not understanding? you are not right Aren't we right ? you are right , if anything happened to me then the compliment will fall completely I mean there is no compliment or something like that These men are tampering so we will go to the end basically they are threating like this threats to let us get off and be angry never mind they can't do anything. Is it easy for that extent dear so you are saying you won't give up? Are we afraid from two small threats ? they are going to lose I understanding you — let's go to the lands bro we will reach the end , let them think instead of us it's ok , I will be in the land from tomorrow morning Let's we be face to face and talk ok , I will be there at noon — it's ok , so I'm waiting for you then goodbye what is this ? Don't go around like this, please Ender Was he your client ? What he is saying ? the man is scared, he is right. He rent a bodyguard take to the counterpart and this subject will finish bro mr. Selim is saying that will the violence win ?the man is right you and your justice and violence . Is he the most expensive from your soul , damn on the money that it will come from that land Yes Perol leave the stubborn, there is nothing more value than your soul look the man is trusting in something, for that reason he is consisting, maybe he has another enemy maybe there is no relation between the threats and this compliment anyways I'm going to the farm and you don't care to this extent it's ok , ok . I will call one of the securities of the company to be beside me thanks —but I will go now , let the man come to the office men , is it one man enough to one like you my dear father ? oh my god give me the Patience we are going to the university may it's good , did you saw me in your dream? it's not a dream it's a Nightmare what do you want ? Look at me if you came to apologize for your rude behave so do not consume yourself in vain never don't insolent , you are playing a game on me I'm aware of that but I will not leave it to you Knowing that you know me very good but seems that you have forget me which game ? In what you are delirious ? if you are who's bothering mr. Selim what you are saying ? Did you start to believe in your lie ? good morning if you are behind this how could it be something like that they would catch him direct are we doing something like that ? For me also don't make Giray sad good morning mr. Orkun what's his problem ? nothing , he came to visit me . He is asking me if I have a request or a desire , how much it was he ate from my bread for many years he is not like his brother ? all of them is a different race you can't trust anyone of them they are spending their time in Altinköy and they are decreasing with the time ohh don't say that , this girl is a very different kind she is a one of a public neighborhood anyway , dear Burak it got out from our life from the last night oh god we are communicating you took her phone number ? Nice to meet you goodbye she is a daughter from a public neighborhood are you seeing the group of Tozludere ? and her radar is opening , I mean she dosen't let it to the luck I am not complaining for me you should stay far away , don't give her any chance Burak in the end she was Yaman's ex-girlfriend Mira was orkun's ex-girlfriend . Did his voice get out when Yaman took her from him ? okay... It didn't Phone ringing yes darling I'm getting out with Mert , are you ready ? no darling , I will go to my dad , you can go what happened ? Why you will go to your father ? we need to talk about something look Mira , if you want to go because leyla is there of course no, I even forgot that she stayed there really? are you still in the same place Yaman, I mean you will continue from the place that we left it last night ? ok but then what you will do in that house in this early morning now ? Why you are consisting on this thing by force ? I'm remembering this benefit in a very clear way , from the mirror . She closed the telefon while you are talking with her , right ? I said to you , I know thank you Ayse , I swear I lived cinderella story even for one day ah gosh don't say that, I swear that because if you I came and saw and of course I will go just a minute , I will thank mr. Faruk and say goodbye to him it doesn't matter Its can not be , it's a shame Leyla wait no wait good morning mr. Faruk I'm so sorry if I bothered you but I want to thank you because you hosted me in your house also for what happened last night I want to apologize Amnesty Good bye Hello daughter, welcome darling you take your breakfast ? I ate a little dad I want to talk with you in something Fortunately that I saw her icy face , and I got back to the dreams of the lab, she is liking herself leave her , you will pass to kenan before you go , right ? don't forget what I said to you check him and let's we see what he will say about me it's ok leave it to me , how I will go ? you will go to the left from here then you will continuing towards the coast and then to the left again basically you will see him there is only one restaurant ok , thank you . Good bye take care of yourself and call me — Okay you too I will send this to you in anyway ok ok , thank you Leyla's massage to Burak : I am going , I said that I should say goodbye good bye bro Hey where? to my home ok , wait . Pass your time in anything , I finished my sport now . I will take a shower and then I will arrive you to the place that you going to it really no need , basically I am going to the other side , my road is long it's ok , I don't have any work too and we will pass sometime together . Go to one of the coffee shops that's on the coast , I will be ready immediately and I will come okay good then, I actually decided to go to a place when you finish send a message to me okay , bye-bye you met my mom in the club yesterday yes , she came at a time —and everyone was there I called her later , but she don't want to talk she don't want to talk with me too what she was waiting ? Or was she waiting for Asim Sekip kaya ? dad your are knowing , my mom is in transitional phase I means she is staying alone for the first time in her life so isn't natural that she beset ? Please let don't leave her alone in this time to not allow to her to make a wrong things . Even that actually she is needing you very much Dear Mira, if I will say in this time it's with your mom, she is stubborn . I know darling , I am protecting her without let her feeling my presence from far, don't worry She will say thanks stay far away but I will take care of her, don't be sad, okay dear? I love you you don't have lessons this morning ? —I have free time in the first hour so let's we go together to the restaurant — Okay come on ♫Translations and subtitles by team♫ We get rid of excess weight you are writing about the Benefits of Tomatoes , right ? no darling, I am writing about the corner of the rumor that you are dating basically everyone was heard that after you know it, it's no difference to me you are dandled very much aaa the writing of this website was changed — yes, spring theme Is this telephone new ? When you bought it ? you are like naughty boys , leave this Doruk it's new ? yes, I was waiting it from a long time use it in happiness darling thanks Wait, I will come back immediately my butterfly how are you ? — good and you? fine , and what it will be, Where is Mira ? — come on , I will go to the lecture , goodbye what happened again ? a new cold storm coming from leyla — Mira said to me last night that they are reconciled but this morning she went to see leyla — You're kidding! the bosses is coming , the permanence starting thanks for coming no it was good , I been happy to see you fine . Sure you will not live bad things again no, it's far away from me . And you take care of yourself. Whatever it was you are in the Alienation don't worry she can't go from here . Hello dear Kenan —Good morning is there anything missing ? no sir , it's enough I said that I should see kenan while I am coming . As it known that Tuzladere is coming to Altinköy . Good bye Hello, yes mrs. Ender hey Atalay , I am calling for Selim, but are you still in the persecution ? Selim's telephone is closed no , we are not together. We have made a complaint to the persecution , then I didn't saw mr. Selim he didnt say where he will go ? no , but I'm entering to the office now , if he is inside I will let him calling you no no , I talked to Burcu now he didn't go to the company . Anyway i sent the bodyguard to there . whatever, okay I will try again and if you talked to him please tell him that I called him of course mrs. Ender, stay in health —Goodbye Calling selim you can't call the sought person now, please try again later Thanks to Rama , Diana , Zainab

♫Translations and subtitles by team♫

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