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C7L8: Deep Overheads

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Here is a shot not practiced enough and it is a very difficult shot and one that is necessary at the higher levels of the game. That is the very deep overhead when the player leaves the ground. I am going to show you today what is a little wrong with some of these over heads. First off he turns too much, I think we are watching Fish here he is turning too much and he is disoriented at the 45. See that he is really side on and he is really in the back leg here. Now when he tries to open up he opens up too much. You can see he is not really at the 45 degree angle he is over rotated, so he is loosing his balance, power and control. See that he has nothing on it there is no pop on that over head as you find with most of the great over headers. Sampras, Federer, Murray so many good ones. Here is another one I wasn't too happy about it was better it was better see he is sort of keeping his 45 locked in. See that I think he over rotated a little bit but his racket is there at the 45 and that is were you can disguise it the best. Looks like he is going inside out and at the last second can turn the face slightly and go cross court. Let me show you the difference between the # 20 and the #1 player in the world. Watch here how Djokovic stays lined up through out the stroke, look at this, look at the stripe on his pants. Now he finally comes into it see that lined up again but he is right back watch the way he crunches in here at the 45 look at that, that is efficient. He begins at the 45 look at this look at his left hand the stripe on his pants look at that he kicks that foot way out like on a serve. He still at the 45 he barely turns towards the court. Watch again, first lines up the shot he is moving sort of open to the ball see that to stay lined up at the 45 he is very deep in the court. Now his hips come around see that so he is never really far off the 45 and watch how he crunches here. Look at the stripe on his shorts, look at his knees look at his left hand everything is facing the 45 degree angle his eyes. He go any where he wants he has got that real spring loaded pop.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 23, 2014

Hit your deep overheads with balance and pop.

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