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Que Hecho V3RG4_ Ir en Bus

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Hey Stop, Im coming in! Driver: If its not a bus station I don't stop That's messed up, I was at the bus station. But one can't argue with someone, when all you have in your head is that the pole your holding is... sticky Look! Empty seats! Its messed up when out of all the available seats, you pick the one that is still warm... Man whats up? Ill be there in 5. yeah ill be there in five minutes. Tell him not to close the door. Tell that SOB teacher that....... Are you on speaker phone?? Hey teacher... yeah, I'll be there in five, sorry Its messed up when you're late to the final exam, and the bus decides to follow the speed limit. Hey boss! lets go its not a stroll! Hey be careful! You're driving people not potatoes.... Hey! don't generalize! Whatever... I better study Its messed up trying to study... and a guy starts listening to music that's not your type, in his cellphone, and without HEADPHONES! But its beautiful! That a girl that IS your type comes in the bus, and the seat next to you is open!! Hold on hold on! Its messed up when someone sits by you, and doesn't respect your personal SPACE! Good evening ladies & gents. thanks all of you for your attention Look I just got out of jail, and I don't want to go back to being a criminal I could rob you, mug you, kill you.. but I don't want to! That's why I've brought this "delicious"candy, and I'm going to pass it around your seats and I hope you help me.. gonna help? Its messed up knowing this speech by heart, and that it still scares you.. 50 CENTS No thanks Come on help! Do you have change? I dont rob him, and on top of that he wants change... Messed up.. I'm diabetic Fare? I just got a twenty.. You don't have smaller? It's messed up that when you get the change all in coins But whats worse is that its all warm and moist.... There can't be anything grosser than this Jesus Man! respect, thats disgusting! Messed up when the guy next to you farts, and the you're held responsible Its also messed up when they use you as pillow Who can sleep in a bus? Jesus! My stop Shit Stop! please stop Driver: if its not a station, i don't stop! STOOOOP! That's messed up! But.. what's most messed up is finding out that you got in the wrong bus... Help OUT!

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Posted by: nicocor7 on Oct 13, 2015

Que Hecho V3RG4_ Ir en Bus

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