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Matter is Materialized Consciousness

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(p.156) According to Seth: In the terms of your earthly experience, it is a metaphysical, a scientific, and a creative error to separate matter from consciousness, for consciousness materializes itself as matter in physical life in physical life. Please underline. Seth is talking about one thing all matters are conscious. So, is the air conscious? Yes. Is the soil conscious? Are the tables and chairs conscious? What about the walls? So when I hear about my patients that would beat themselves against the wall, I'm very sympathetic to the wall... Just kidding. It's like that incident... how did they uncover those houses with walls made of sand. Someone got out of control and beat himself against that wall. When a piece of the wall fell out, it was actually made of sand. Someone that has cancer... He was naturally cured from that house. So the radioactive energy in the steel frames of the house was uncovered. Those radioactive steels were uncovered. So, Seth always talks about matter is materialized consciousness. Or another great way of saying it, according to Seth: Matter is solidified emotion. Everyone, matter is solidified love from God. It is solidified universal vitality. Do you get what I'm saying? Solidified universal vitality It is solidified God's love. So where is God? God is omnipresent. inside and outside, inside of you, and outside of you, From inside and out and vise versa, it is filled with you. This is you the extension of divine energy of God. Therefore, you can be yourself even if you're not a good person. First, you have to take responsibilities for your bad deeds. Second, no matter how bad you are, you are good. Because your true nature has always been sacred and benevolent. Ok. According to Seth, your consciousness will survive your body has deceased. Seth is always ensuring that no consciousness will disappear when a physical body is destroyed. But after when we pass away, consciousness will take on another form composed of units of consciousness. Units of consciousness. Seth is talking about the fundamental units of the universe. When we no longer use our body as a form of existence, We will use the units of consciousness as a form of body. It is called the spiritual body. Many people asked me, why do we learn about out-of-body experience(OOBE)? Is it because OOBE gives you a sense of peace? You cannot die. Even without a physical body, you have a spiritual body. Is this clear? The physical body is not a necessity. Sometimes the physical body is like a cumbersome piece of clothe on the spiritual body. There's a saying about why people want to be liberated. That is what it means. The physical body is sometimes a cumbersome piece of clothe on the spiritual body. Because you are here on earth to learn, you must go through this process. But the body has its own joy - the joy of the flesh. There's the joy of running, the joy of eating, and the joy of laughter. In the summer, the joy of having iced water or cool air conditioning. The body has its own joy. But when the physical body disappears, you will use a form of a so-called spiritual body or a form through the units of consciousness. According to Seth: You have a propensity for wanting to think in terms of hierarchies of consciousness, with humanity at the top of the list, in global terms. But human being, the king of creations, has consumed almost all the living creatures or destroyed them all. Do you understand? When you have a family of seven or eight children, the eldest child wants to take over all the family house and cars, and all the properties and possessions, leaving the siblings with nothing. And yes, then we build zoos. We build zoos to imprison all of our siblings. I'm telling you the truth. All creatures are our siblings. If we can acknowledge this truth, it will have a drastic change to our history. Everyone, I don't mean it to sympathize all creatures. But when human beings treat all creatures as siblings, all creatures will show their love to their human siblings. Do you get what I'm saying? Does the survival of mankind depend on all things? Yes. Right? Even if you are vegetarian, do you do eat vegetables? Right? Do you drink water? For non-vegetarians, do you eat meat? Yes. If one day... let me use an easy example. If we send you to the Moon or Mars, it's barren with no plants and a single drop of water. How do you survive? Do you get what I'm saying? If we send you to the Moon and Mars, there's not a single drop of water and not even a single plant according to science research. How do you survive? Does the survival of mankind rely on all things? Yes. But, mankind doesn't accept all things as their siblings. Everyone, This phrase is telling us that human beings are in crisis, isn't it? We do not accept all living things as siblings. First of all, you take polar bear as your sibling, the fish under the sea as your sibling, the forest as your sibling, and raccoon, deer, and cockroach - the indestructible cockroach as your sibling. The only thing I cannot accept as my sibling is mosquito. I'm not quite there yet. Maybe one day I'll make a breakthrough. Like one of our students who accepts mosquito as his sibling and is okay with mosquito bites. So far that's the one creature that I can't accept as my sibling. All the other living things I will gradually work on accepting them. Well, everyone, Human beings must accept all living things as their siblings. What does it mean to be siblings? You must let them have a place to live and reproduce. You must let them live happy and healthy. Do you know what I'm saying? Not just being a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian doesn't work. All living things are still facing extinction. Do you get what I'm saying? It's not a matter of being a vegetarian. No, it's not. You must share the Earth with all things. Let all living things continue to live and thrive with their offspring. Human beings must achieve this. Otherwise we'll destroy mankind and all living things. Do you get what I'm saying? For example, have you seen a movie called ID4? ID4 is about alien invading Earth in their spacecraft. They are here to destroy human beings. The leading actor that plays the role of a U.S. president tells the people that these aliens go to different planets to take all the resources and water and leaving the barren planet with nothing. Isn't that what we're doing to this planet? You think it's ridiculous? Right? We made a movie about aliens taking all our resources and annihilating all human beings, but we are doing the same thing to all the living things. One by one, aren't we making all living things becoming extinct? Do you understand? So we must change our view on this matter. We will not live if we don't change, even our children will not survive. This is the truth. If we don't treat all living things as siblings, all livings will not treat us as siblings. Then our children and grandchildren will not live. No matter how many children you have, they will all die. I'm telling you this is the truth. We are facing the extinction of mankind at this crucial moment. It is not a small matter. In comparison to your monthly income, whether you have a job, houses that you possess, and the value of gold, all of these things are secondary. The future that mankind is facing is whether we can continue to live. Do you understand? It's a matter of to live or to die. Please contact us to join our translation team.

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Excerpt from Dr. Hsu's lecture of Seth's Dreams, "Evolution", And Value Fulfillment given on 07/08/2010

(p.156) According to Seth:
In the terms of your earthly experience, it is a metaphysical, a scientific, and a creative error to separate matter from consciousness, for consciousness materializes itself as matter in physical life in physical life.

Your consciousness will survive your body’s death. But it will also take on another kind of form--a form that is itself composed of “units of consciousness.” You have a propensity for wanting to think in terms of hierarchies of consciousness, with humanity at the top of the list, in global terms.

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