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Chatterbox XBi/XBi2 basic operation in intercom

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this is the instructional video on the basic operation of two XBi units that have already been paired to each other for intercom rider to passenger use for this scenario we will say that we have two people on the same bike and that you have already watched the video on how to pair two units this way they know that they will be used for intercom use. So again we will say that you have already watched and paired the two units for intercom on this scenario we will say there are two people on the same bike that will be sharing one music device which is the ipod that we have and the ipod will be paired to the riders unit which is this unit here with this icombi bluetooth adapter with that we will also say that you have already watched the video on how to pair a music device only to the Chatterbox XBi unit so we already have done the original pairing process needed between the music device and XBi so now they will already remember each other so the next thing you want to do is have your set up ready before you go on your ride with everything in the off position the first thing your going to do is turn the riders main unit on which is the one already paired with this music device you don't have to go into pairing mode anymore just simply turn the unit on by pushing and holding the power button until the light turn on once you do that the unit will then turn on after the unit is now on the next you want to do is make sure the music device is playing a song. Then plug and turn on the bluetooth adapter and wait for the music to begin to play in some situations the music device will not begin to play what you want to do is give it a good five to ten seconds of counting after that you want to go ahead and push the mode button down once and the music should begin to start playing like so. So now the music device is already paired and is playing so now you want to turn on your passenger unit by pushing and holding the power button until it turn red and then let go and now the unit should be on so you may not be able to hear this on the video but both the rider and passenger are hearing the music coming from the ipod The music is now streaming from the rider unit to the passenger unit and this is why the music is playing through both headset speakers when you are riding you can both be listening to the same music like so the moment that either one of the two of you want to initiate conversation on intercom mode you must push the intercom button which is the front most button on either one of these two units. When you do that the music will pause in both headsets and you can now talk back and forth like a telephone conversation. Once again either the rider or passenger can push their own intercom button on the front and it will pause the music and they will both go to intercom mode so that you can both communicate back and forth the one important thing is that when you are done talking to each other and you want to both go back to listening to music it is very important that the riders unit has to be the person who pushes the mode button once which enable both of you to listen to the music. So the rider will push the mode button once and the music will begin to play for both headsets the reason why this needs to be done is because the riders unit is the one that is actually paired to the music device so this is the reason why the main unit has to be the unit that will control the music play back in both units if you were to accidentally push the mode button on the passengers unit it will go back to music but only the main unit will hear it if that happens then all that you need to do is have the rider push the mode button on the main unit and it will begin to play music in both headsets so again the music is now playing for the rider and passenger. If someone wants to conduct a conversation either one should push and hold the intercom button for one second and let go and you will now be in intercom mode for both of you to talk and finally when you want to go back into music mode for both. The rider will push the mode button

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Posted by: chatterboxusa on Dec 23, 2009

Chatterbox XBi/XBi2 basic operation in intercom

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