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Historical New York Times

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In this video, we're going to take a look at how you can use Pro Quest Historical Newspapers to search for articles or browse historical issues of the New York Times from 1851 to three years ago. Beginning on the library home page, enter 'new york times' in the ALICE search box and then make sure you're doing a periodical title search Choose the New York Times from the top of the list and then look for the electronic version of the New York Times which will be indicated by [electronic resource] in brackets. Then we'll choose Pro Quest Historical Newspapers This is where I would do a search for a specific terms and enter those terms here. And then I could choose a specific date or a date range. And by choosing 'More Search Options' I can also set... ...a specific type of document such as a classified ad or a cartoon. I'm going to do a search for ads about war bonds during World War II. So, I will do "war bonds" in quotation marks, set the date from 1941 to 1945 and then choose 'display ad.' This is how I search for documents that are ads. and then I want to see the most relevant results first. Then click search. Now you can see my results, with the date included, such as December 9, 1943. Click on the title of the ad, in this case To see the full text of the ad in PDF. This is just this ad, not the entire page. To see the entire page... ...go to 'Page Map.' Now I can see the entire page. I can scroll over and click on other articles such as this one where the OPA are in a crash Once I click on that, then I can read the full text of this article. When you're on the page map, you can use this to browse a particular issue. This is page 24 of 48 in this issue from December 9th. By choosing 'Page 1' I can go back to the front page And I can see what was going on in World War II... ...the battle that was going on that day, or what was being reported, in any case. If you would like to just browse for a particular issue what you'll want to do is, back on the results page click on 'Publications.' Then choose the link that matches the year that you're interested in. There are a couple different editions of the paper I'm going to choose this one to look at the immediate aftermath of Pear Harbor So, I will enter December 1941 and then do the same thing again, because I just want issues from that month. You could also do a much longer range if you wanted. Click 'Browse Issues' and then I'm going to choose December 8, 1941. The default is to sort these articles by title But by choosing the drop down menu and changing it to 'Sort by page number' You can see what appeared on the first page In this case "...Roosevelt will address it today and find it ready to vote for war..." This is what appeared on the first page of the newspaper the day after Pearl Harbor. I can click on the title to see the full text of just this article Or, I can click on the Page Map to see the entire page and pick a different article. Here is an article about "The International Situation" immediately after Pearl Harbor. If you have any questions about using Pro Quest Historical Newspapers or any other questions, please return to the OU Libraries home page ( and use the link to 'Ask a Librarian.'

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Finding historical articles in the NYTimes

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