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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 6)

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And when I landed there on a boat, I worked on this banana boat. I landed there, everybody walked around naked and I was confused 'cause where I came from that was abnormal. The all tribe was naked. They were swimming naked ever since they were little toots. What I found out was that a guy talking to a girl never looked at the girl's body. Only the eyes. Since they were swimming naked there's no basis for looking into girls. There were no Peeping Toms, do you understand that? If everybody swims nude no one's gonna look in your window and watch you dress. Nobody's gonna poke another guy and: "Hey, get a load of that chick." All that's learned by this stinking culture. All your books on sex are bullshit. They're lies. Because, the way we're brought up makes us look at things. If you covered a girl's nose, says a guy: "Have you ever seen a girls nose?" "No." Show him a little bit, he may have to loosen his scarf, if he's brought up to that. I'm trying to tell you the world is wrong. I'm one person, most of you people seem to take to that. This is happening all over the world. Peter Joseph said: "There's 15 million people that now know about The Venus Project." And more people wanna know more about it. I'm trying to free you from the prison that your state puts in your head. That's what I'm trying to do. The success rate so far has been very high. I wanna tell you some more about human beings. Somebody said to me, 'cause I mentioned that love was a fluctuating thing, he said: "Do you love your mother?" I said: "In what area?" My mother was a racist and a bigot but I didn't love her in that area. So, love is never consistent. You love certain things about people, never completely, anymore than you completely love yourself. So, I learned that when I brought a Japanese kid home one day, a friend of mine. I brought him home, my mother says: "I don't want that kind around." So, I used logic and reason. It didn't work at all. All the good books say: "Use reason, common sense." Doesn't work. My mother says: "I still don't want him around." I said: "Boy, if you can't change your mother, how are you gonna change the world?" "Oh, that's right." So, I told my mother a lie. I said: "Mother, I was swimming in the East River." And the East River has a high wall. "And I couldn't get to shore and I was drowning and Masato," this isn't true, "He threw a life-raft to me." She says: "Oh my god, you mean he saved your life?" I said: "Yes." "I was so rude to him." "Yes, you were." She said: "Please Jacque, ask him to come to dinner Friday or so, I want to beg forgiveness. I was so rude to him." I said: "I don't know If he'll come now." To get her to plead with me, 'cause she pleaded more. So, I called Masato and said: "The minute you come into the door, my mother's gonna say: "God bless you, I wanna kiss you, and hug you for saving my son's life." Well, at dinner, she was really talking to him and I walked over, when Masato went to the wash room. I said: "Mother, what do you think?" She says: "You know, he's just like you and I, he's a human being, wonderful parents in Japan. I said: "He's a member of the yellow race." With this face. And she said: "It doesn't matter, he's a nice boy." I said: "Yeah, but he has slanty eyes." And she said: "That doesn't matter, he's a human being." And she's giving me all the stuff I used to give her. And now, after about a month she really liked Masato. He was a nice guy, easy to like. He spoke perfect English, had no Japanese mannerisms, none of this... And she used to put her arm around Masato about a month later and call him son and me. Once that happened, I said: "Mother, he never saved my life." She says: "Your little devil, I would have never opened the door. I would never have opened the door." Which means that some people can't follow reason. So, how did I change the Klan? I didn't do it with logic or reason. I got to know the head guy of the Klan, 'cause he once said to me, he had a war surplus store, and I used to buy magnifying glasses and things like that. He said to me: "Jacque, you're a smart guy. What you think of the KKK?" It means the Ku Klux Klan. He said: "Yeah." So, I said: "It's a great organization, but doesn't go far enough." "What do you mean?" But if you attack, you don't get to hear. Always: "It's a great organization, but it doesn't go far enough." Then: "What do you mean?" See? So, I've began to tell him what I meant. He said: "What do you do with all the lenses you buy for me?" I said: "Well, I work on optical devises." He says: "Can I see it?" I stepped into my lab and I showed him a lot of things, including memory metals. How many do you know about that? Metals with a memory. One hand...About seven, eight... About eight people know about it. There are metals today that have a memory and here's what that means: If you buy wire and you wrap it around in a form and heat it to about 4 to 5 hundred degrees Fahrenheit, it stays that way. It look like a spring, but if you pull it out, bend it, twist it, do anything you want, and heat, it goes right back to the shape that you made it be. So, that means if you took the memory metals, and nowadays, they have memory fabrics, sutures for suturing, sewing up the skin, so the doctor ties a surgical knot and he pulls it out straight, and he sticks it through the skin, when he cuts it. And the heat of the body 'causes it to tie a surgical knot. But you have to tie a surgical knot first and then pull it out. So, if you have a continuous stitching and you pull it out, it'll stitch the whole area. Now, I wish I brought some of that with me, some of the memory metals. But, how did a man think of it? He didn't. There was a Swede that makes different metals together, he was just trying to make metals stronger and he used titanium and nickel called nickel titanium. And he bent it to see how strong it was, like the letter U and he put it on the table near an heat lamp and when he came back it was straight again. See...Nobody really invented anything, it's all discovery. In France, a guy made a wing three feet long and he strapped it on his back and climbed up the top of the Eiffel Tower and jumped off and he died. And his brother-in-law wrote: "Make wings larger next time." Where do you think it comes from? Nobody can know how to build an airplane right away. And nobody ever makes mistakes in their lives. They don't know. So, the guy that had nitrite gas and glycerin, he was fooling with it and the building disappeared, so did the guy. His cousin wrote: "Never fool with that stuff." Nobody ever makes mistakes, 'cause Edison said he went to seven thousand different things, before he could get a filament for the lamp. Did he make mistakes before? No, we don't know. That's the truth. So, today they say there are good people, bad people, lazy people, hard working people. No such thing. Everybody is shaped by culture. Now, I'm gonna give the worst scenario. A serial killer. I wanna show you a guy that kills twenty women or so. What's the matter with that guy? Is anything wrong with his head? Not necessarily. And I'm gonna try to tell you what made him that way. If you don't understand me, at the question period, question it. When this kid, Albert Fish, who is believed to have eaten 45 children or so, when he was about seven years old, he was sitting in bed, touching his private parts, his penis. Now, kids don't think of sex or anything, they're just touching it. His mother was an old time baptist. She came and she said: "You'll gonna burn in hell, touching that part of your body. You will burn eternally." And the kid started to shake. And at night, the mother says at two in the morning he was screaming. She came into the room, he stuck needles into his genitals, screaming in pain, 'cause he didn't wanted to go to hell. So, he used to take minority kids into the woods and tried to cut their genitals off, to save them from hell. Is he bad? Is he good? He's shaped that way by that abnormal culture, he was raised in. That's what makes people that vile. They came from the South, says: I'm gon' get me a nigga and I'm gon' kick his ass." Is that that guy speaking? Or is that what he learned in the culture that he lived in? Think about it. There are no bad people. The Ku Klux Klan used to hang black man upside down and cut them open, because they were taught that the black men is nothing. He has no meaning at all. In fact, it's a good thing to do. .

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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 6)

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