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I teach because, when you learn you become a better person. Always. I get to see young minds blossom, grow, develope. The ability to engage a student is the key to being a good teacher. Using outdated materials such as textbooks makes that job much more difficult. In textbooks, you know, there is diagrams but they`re static. Something like a cell membrane is a fluid thing, it`s always moving. With US History they print a textbook and its outdated almost the second that its printed. Textbooks are very expensive, they are usually 60 to 100 dolars for different textbooks. So, they´re adopted for 5 years, then you´re stuck with them. They are extremely heavy and if you have 3 or 4 in a backpack, its a lot of weight. So some students will simply quit bringing textbooks to class. There is no reason today to assume that kids have to use the same tools that they used in 1950. In fact, to do so is to prepare them for a world thats already past. Education has always been a big part of apple´s DNA. And that´s because we really beleive that technology can make a profound difference in the way the teachers teach and kids learn. And we now have the opportunity to change one of the cornerstones of education. The textbook. With the Ipad we`re making textbooks so much more engaging. By adding audio, video, and interactivity the content comes to life in ways that are just not possible on the printed page. The information is always up to date, and instead of carrying 30 pounds of books in a backpack, you just need one ipdad. These new textbooks are going to allow students to do things they could never do before. When we set out to bring textbooks to ipads, there were really three areas we focused on. We wanted to have really fast, fluid navigation. We wanted to have beautiful graphics. And we wanted to creat a better, easier way to take notes, and use those notes. When you integrate photography, video, audio, interactive objects and keynote annimations right into the page, the material becomes so much more inmersive and compelling. And you can do things you just can´t do with the static paper textbook. Taking notes is one of the key ways students learn. So we´re introducing some amazing new ways to take notes on ipad. When you see something you´re interested in, you just swipe over it, and its highlighted. When you want to add a note, you just tap on it, and type. And when you´re ready to use your notes, you have an elegant study card view Its all automatically organized for you so you just dont have to think about it. Up to now, making interactive books for ipad has been difficult. So we wanted to make it easier. And this meant so much to us we had to invent a way to do it. So we developed ibooks author, an incredible new publishing tool for the mac. It has apple design templates that allow anyone to create a beautiful, multi touch book for the ipad. And we wanted to get it in the hands of as many people as possible, So we´re making it available for free. We also launched the new textbook section of the ibook store. This will let publishers easily distribute up-to-date versions of their textbook right to students. And students can open and read these textbooks right in the ibooks app. So now there is an easy way to create these books, an easy way to buy them, and an incredibly engaging way to experience them. And we´re really excited because we think this is going to help students, teachers, and publishers. Digitalization of education is going to be the opportunity of the century. The textbook on the ipad is so much bigger, broader, and more dynamic. Because what it does, is it brings the corriculum alive. Now we are to the point where we need to have more 21st centry materials. We need to engage children, we need to live in the world they live in. And apple will be essential to that When you start talking about what the beneffits of apple in an educational company are, the power of that partnership is huge. It allows more people in more places to beneffit from the capabilities that this will have. Apple is a company that has a genius for engaging people You can do things with a digital textbook that you never could before. It will make students much more interested, and if it stimulates curiosity you´ve got the spark for learning. The Los Angeles unified school district is the place that i have the privilege to work. I handle over 1000 schools and campuses, i serve more than 750,000 youth pre-k through 12th. Its an amazing school district and it has amazing stories of succes and unbeleivable stories of challenge. We had decided to adopt ipad technology as we were trying to find ways to increase student engagement. With these interactive textbooks, we are going to watch huge leaps in what is possible for students. They are phenomenally going to change the landscape of education I think it will reignite the whole passion about why we came to teaching to begin with. I have become a better person while i´ve tought. You can´t help it. You become attached to your students. There are some students that no matter what you do, you just cannot reach them. And its a very very sad feeling. But whenever I see a student make a connection, or have a realization of comprehension, and the lightbult just clicks on, I want to stand up and cheer. I think with the interactive textbooks on the ipad, that connection will be occuring on a regular basis. It will deffinitely change my students lives for the better. It will create opportunities for them to learn in ways they have never been able to learn before They are going to want to go to school, they are going to want to learn Learning opens eyes, it opens minds, and it opens windows into places you´ve never dreamed of before. And there is nothing else I can think of that is near as rewarding.

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ipads vs. textbooks

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