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The Winning Tradition

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Hello, I am Gary Rollins, Vice Chairman and CEO of Rollins Inc. and with me is John Wilson Chief Operation Officer and President of Rollins. We want to welcome you to our company. Thank you for taking the time to tune in and hear our message about how Rollins is doing and what we see for the future of the company. We are proud that we have over 13,000 team members working in numerous companies in multiple countries all over the world Plus we now have over 700 locations, so if I visited a branch every day of the week it would take me over three years to make my way to everyone. Even if I could do that I probably wouldn’t say married very long, since I would never be home. So in the meantime we trust that our visit will help confirm that you made the right choice by joining Rollins Inc. John and I also want to thank you in advance because I know you will be providing exceptional service to our customers each and every day. Your commitment to our customers is critical to our success and we in turn are committed to ensuring that our company remains healthy and prepared for the future This strategy has also created more opportunities for our people to grow, develop and to do new things. We also know that life happens and people have to move from time to time. It is easier for us to find a spot for you in another location or company if you need to relocate to another area. This happens more than you are probably aware of. Our Rollins family of brands strategy has been good for our people and good for our company as you can see in the next graph. You know it’s amazing the way our company has grown over the past ten years. Just look closely at how the red bars just keep going up and up year after year. Pretty fantastic. We navigated a huge recession ten years ago and continue to prosper. Not many companies can show a chart like this over the past decade This next image is a testament to our overall financial health. We continue to create an increase in profit every year. We avoid taking on unnecessary debt and we take a really conservative approach to managing the business. We believe that is key to ensuring we have a strong future regardless of economic changes or uncertainties. Hey and let’s face it, businesses are in a volatile environment politically and economically. A conservative approach has and will help us navigate these head winds And here, you see the cumulative results of our revenue and profit improvements. The value of our stock has steadily risen as investors see value in what you all do every day. You may not realize it, but this impacts you personally. We are the red line here and the blue line is the S&P 500 index. This is a benchmark that other New York stock exchange companies are compared to. The majority of you participate in our 401K program which is very important for your retirement planning. If this is something you do not currently participate in or you don’t understand, please take the time to ask for help or guidance. Many of our team members invest in Rollins stock by purchasing it through their 401K program. As the value of Rollins stock rises, so does your retirement savings, if you are allocating your retirement dollars that way. Rollins stock was up over 37% in 2017 Also the quarterly dividends that Rollins pay can be re-invested to buy additional shares of stock in Rollins which continues to enhance your 401K. And we pay dividends to shareholders every quarter for the past 15 years. So in summary, those of you that are shareholders at Rollins are getting additional benefits In addition to our 401K program, you can also buy stock through our employee stock purchase program. This is yet another benefit of working at Rollins As you can see we have built quite a track record of success. I refer to it as our Winning Tradition. In fact more about this tradition is in this booklet. Your branch should have a copy. Let’s talk for a minute about what makes our business so great. I have a lot of favorite sayings, but one of my best, when asked about the uniqueness of our company is, “Rats and Roaches don’t read the Wall Street Journal.” What I am telling folks is that there is always a need for our services. It doesn’t matter if we are in good times or bad. People are simply unwilling to live with pests in their home or where they frequent. As long as we provide excellent service, there will always be a need for what we do That is exactly right. Let’s face it, the pests are always going to be there. We win the battles against them every day but the war goes on. This means job security for all of us. But we do need to provide exceptional service to ensure our customers stick with us because they do have choices. The second point about our winning tradition is that our purpose is strong. We protect the world where people live, work and play. We protect homes, food and health. When we treat for mosquitoes we are reducing populations of these disease carrying pests. Aside from spreading bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms pests like German cockroaches can cause health problems like asthma Our sense of purpose also applies to our wildlife business, Trutech and Critter Control. When you stop the coyotes from eating fluffy the cat or remove bats from an attic you are protecting a customer’s family, property and health. Orkin has been a long term partner with the Center of Disease Control and Prevention on a number of pest related public health initiatives since 2004. We have also deployed ready response teams on occasion to provide treatments to prevent the spread of pest transmitted diseases. Day in and day out we have over 13,000 dedicated professionals fulfilling our purpose, and that makes me more proud than anything else A third reason our winning tradition is so strong is that we do great things for others. Our team members are in schools, teaching our children about insects and we also volunteer time and other resources to help those in need. We give back to the communities we serve Our efforts in the community are often aligned with our purpose. We give back through education with programs like the Orkin Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. This permanent exhibit was created to encourage interactive learning and a better understanding about insects from all over the world as well as those found in our own back yard. Additionally, it is the most highly visited exhibit in the museum Gary and I have outlined a few things that represent our winning tradition. First and foremost we need to strive every day to provide exceptional customer service all the time. This is especially true when our customers have a problem and need us the most. Unfortunately, this often happens during the busy season when it is tougher to do. I ask that you keep our purpose in mind and work to take special care of our customers, even in the heat of battle I also encourage all of us to continuously improve in what we do. We must challenge the status quo, be willing and open to change and embrace new ideas and technologies. Things are changing at a rapid pace in our world and industry and we need to stay ahead of the pack The last thing that we ask is that you always be committed to doing the right thing. We must act with integrity and professionalism in all that we do. These days, a single bad event can go viral and do serious harm to a brand in as little as a few minutes. We must all do the right thing, all the time to protect our brands and continue our winning tradition As you can see, John and I are passionate about our company and we are excited about your future with Rollins. We are in a great business, a business that is recession resistant and has a strong purpose and together we will do great things. Thank you for joining Rollins, the world’s largest and best pest control company. And we look forward to watching you grow and benefit as we all grow.

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The Winning Tradition - A message from Gary Rollins and John Wilson

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