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What if language were not a barrier?

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OK, look at me

If language were not a barrier if you could work on projects create, translate, and share videos in any language what would you do?

No, wait, wait, wait!


If I had this technology I could lead more students to know other realities and think about how to build a better and peaceful society. I live in New York City, a very big city I’d like to know how I can recycle my organic waste from my kitchen so that I don’t waste that material and ruin the environment. I would get to know more about the world and other people their experience and wisdom as well as sharing mine. I would like to discover how a country can develop in a sustainable way without making the same mistakes that we in Europe and in the United States have made.

Pakistani teachers and students will get a chance to share their knowledge with the whole world. I would recommend to make new friends share experiences, and enjoy yourself. I would like to teach everyone respect as a fundamental principle in education. I would translate all the fun stuff and share the laughs. I would share kindness in Iran to improve people’s communication and make good friendships.

If I could translate videos in any language I would track the world and share peacemakers stories to make international peace a reality. I would like to make a shout-out for peace as a person who has been through many wars and ended up with a war between man and nature. Esplori: learn anything, anywhere

Thanks to all the teachers and students from the iEARN community

Thank you — You're welcome. You're very welcome.

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 31 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: Qatar
Language: English
Producer: Federico Pistono
Director: Federico Pistono
Views: 3,695
Posted by: esplori on Jul 3, 2013

We asked to teacher and students from all the world at the iEARN 2013 conference in Doha, Qatar, what if language were not a barrier?

Check out:

Thanks to to the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) community and all those who participated:

* Liang, Sam, and Andrew - Taiwan
* Frederick and Ed - USA
* Ognen - Macedonia
* Sayran - Kurdistan
* Cheikh - Senegal
* Doris - Taiwan
* Lubna - Israel
* Melika - Iran
* Federico - Italy
* Patricia - Bolivia
* Amna - Pakistan
* Ana Rosa - Brazil

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