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I come back AfterLife/Death: Rayanne, Missing Child i was killed and enslaved in cheap laboring

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Desteni Presents: Vlogs from the AfterLife/Death - Rayanne Hi. my name is Rayanne and, I am here sharing my experience of, being a child in this world, and how I died. when I was five years old. We stayed in a village, in a little town, and we were very poor. We- stayed in a 'shack', it was me my, brother, and my mother. My mother was always gone early in the mornings and, only return very late in the evenings. and my brother worked, during the day at a place, where he 'packed boxes' from one trucks to other trucks. At a, delivery a 'delivery company'. and, I was, mostly at home on my own - alone. since I was, four? so it was only a year that I'd stayed by myself at, home alone, and I hadn't started school yet. I would only start school at six years old, and I was only five 'at that time'. and, one evening my brother came home, and he said to me: Come! and! I took his hand and, we took a 'taxi', and I remember falling asleep, on the way. to where we were going and I wasn't sure where we were going but, 'I trusted my brother'. very much so. and! we came to, another 'town', I didn't know where. I hadn't seen it before, because I'd only been, always in my own town. All I known is- everybody, with whom I stayed in my own town in my own, 'street'. Own shack, within which we stayed. I never had 'shoes' only, and my favorite clothes was, a red skirt and, a blue top. and, I had, a butterfly doll, and that's, all I had! that was mine. and I had, 'warm cloths' but only, one warm pants one warm, 'jackets'. and we could only 'bath', once a week. So we were very poor we- we almost had 'nothing', and we had always just enough to eat so we were able to take care of ourselves, at least and, and then we came to the next town. and my brother, took my hand again and we 'walked'. But this town was a town, and there was 'houses', like 'nice houses', not shacks, but actual nice houses. and my brother, oh he knocked and my brother knocked on the door. and this 'huge big woman' answered the door, and, I walked in, and then, another man, As I was walking and past the big woman, another man walked in, and he shake my brother's hand and then he said: Thank you. and, he gave my brother, 'lots and lots and lots of money' like a lot! it was in a black bag, and my brother opened it, and there was lots of money in it. My brother closed the bag, and, and then, he, bowed, he went down on his knees, and he gave me a hug and he said: Good bye. and I was standing there and, I was crying! Because I didn't understand what was going on I mean, I said 'nothing', on the way there because, I trusted my brother. and, I just started crying when he said to me good bye and, the man gave my brother the money because I didn't understand what was going on, 'at all'. and, he walked away and the woman took me by my neck, at the back here (hand) and she just 'held me here' because, I wanted trying to run away. to my brother. and he just turned his back on me and I hadn't seen him- and I didn't see him "again" well I didn't see anyone in this world again after that. (sigh) and so, the 'house' in which I stayed had 'bars', everywhere. and, the woman took me, and I, was there was still tears 'in my eyes', and the woman took me and said: I will now be working for her and I will not see my mother or my brother again. I am now 'her child' (grin) So my brother sold me, to become someone else's slave. and, I was never paid anything. I was a slave! within, two people's house. at five years old. and she showed me, 'what I must do'. How to clean, how to do the sheets. At five years old I had to clean, and be a slave to other people. and, she said to me I will be, like her own daughter. But parents, don't treat their children "in that way" at all. and then one evening, I had my own little room but it's always locked. Only when I had to clean which she opened it up and have me 'clean the house'. and I was almost six years old. I had not way of escaping, no one ever came to their home, 'at all'. There was always either the man or 'the woman' there, to make sure that I don't get out. and they probably wanted me to stay there, for as long as they can keep me there. If I didn't die, I would have probably stayed there. but one evening, the woman came in and she was angry because I didn't, properly, 'cleaned' a glass table and she took a 'vase', and she knocked my head (rightside head) when she knocked my head, one of the pieces, went inside my head here (right) on the side. She knocked it 'inside', and one of the pieces 'lodged' into here into my head. and I started bleeding. and they couldn't take me to the hospital, or anywhere else. Because they were afraid I would 'speak'. and so she left me, In the room, to die and bleed to death, and that's what happened. There was just blood 'strewing out', all over my face. and she locked the door, and she left me there, to bleed to death. and, after that, make sure that I am dead. They took my body and they buried it in their own backyard. very deep. And to this day my mother still thinks I am missing. and she cannot go to the police neither. There are so many children going missing of which no one is aware. and how many parents, exist in desperate and sorrow because, they have no help. Such as my mother. Thank you. (sigh) More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN:

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