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0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) Prague and Washington. Same ideas, similar people Freedom, constitucion, liberties, responsibility,God. We the people. SILENT NO MORE. Hundreds of thousands: March on Washington Hundreds: March on Prague Castle One nation under GOD marching on. When the government fears the people,"there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." ... Thomas Jefferson Czechs and Americans: Same Ideas and Fight. their president is afraid of the people. Czech president is marching with the people. They are marching against NWO and Totalitarians. Everybody have well know Freedom Fighters. We know, that if referendum (on Lisabon in Ireland) was not successful this this time there would be 3rd 4th 5th 59th until it would finaly end up with the "only good" outcome And I think, that you are the people that as well as me feel that there is something wrong. That it should not have been done this way in world and in Europe Irish had a last chance to say something and they said it. But it was their last to say, because there will not be any other future referendum in Europe. Is that a total Victory of NWO in Czech Republic? Again alone against all? just like Hussites? No Way ! Enough Already! Millions of free People are standing up with us! Conservative media with us! Chuch with us too! Firemens with us. Celebrities with us! Ordinay good people with us too! So do not tread on us! All around the World people standing up. Patriots, conservatives, Christians, honest People. So do not give it UP! NWO shall not pass! NWO shall not win. God and his people are mightiest. Give It back- Freedom doesn´t need changed! Onwards folks! Ron Paul is with us too. Lest go and join our forces. Support Czech President Klaus in fight agains NWO More and More people are joining our liberty movement Join and be a part of a great historic events Lets joins our forces together against Evil Power of NWO Please be again ONE NATION UNDER GOD in the spirit of 1989 and 1776. With great Thanks to all Honest, Free and Good People

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Duration: 4 minutes and 24 seconds
Country: Czech Republic
Language: English
Producer: Rado Skydancer
Director: Rado Skydancer
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Posted by: on Oct 8, 2009

USA - Ron Paul
Great Britain - Nigel Farage
Czech Republic - Václav Klaus, Petr Mach

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