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Equal Money and Self Forgiveness

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EQUAL MONEY AND SELF-FORGIVENESS Equal Money and self-forgiveness and self-honesty Obviously A system like Equal Mone... Money will bring A complete New monetary regime Which means The change from one to another The old must stop For the new to begin To do that There is going to be a lot of bad blood unless A very simple technique is used To bring about The changes Which is self-forgiveness As a process Which has already been proven Over years and which we will continue prove Over many years to come Which is a process within which one "actually" Eradicate the ego, because The ego Will not survive the end of the system and in The Equal Money System there will be no ego there will be individuality But no ego Ego is Something created as an energetic Parasitic entity That Is called personality That "lives" off the physical and is in comp- Constant competition With All forms of Life As it seek To try and "Make itself alive" This point will be Explained Many times! Because this is very important It's already realized In psychology, that this is the Situation but Because psychology Is something within the current system That has been utilized to make money From people To try and create jobs All The information is not readily available For everyone To understand Exactly what Is going on in this world and All again just because of the "current" money system So understand For an Equality system an Equal Money system To actually exist Self-honesty Will become one of the most important points To realize Because you will be Unable to actually come To peace within yourself With An Equal Money system As long as you have any form of parasitic Entities as Multi personalities Occupying you They will fight For their survival to make sure That they have The dominant position unless You! Return To the point of responsibility For "your body" and for your world So that Abuse can stop and Life can be honored Equally This will obviously be Explained and Proven Through many people That will walk the path To show the way Call them way showers whatever you want to Call them, they are the ones That's going They are busy proving and they have done it already and many more will come and prove That it is possible To let go of the ego To remain individual and to become An actual living being That is no longer dependent On the guidelines Of the Parasitic Entities That has Decimated The human race to such an extent Already So, join us We are ready If you realize that there is No other answer Join us, we have a process It is a process To sort out the I The I of the human I -- of the I am must be sorted out Otherwise Whatever you say as I am Is not valid Because the "I" Is saying the I am Is not real Is a parasitic entity and the physical is going to start To kick it out Which is going to make Life rather "difficult" So, if you're ready To embrace the destiny of the world where We will have A world That is best for all and you are ready to take on your I and process it Till it becomes A real seeing I An all seeing I One that Consider all Life as equal and do what Is best for all Then! Come join us Desteni I process and from that Will be born Equality As a system and from that will be Born, a support system A communication system A distribution system Which will be Equal Money Fascinating time ahead But! You cannot! Think like a human if you want to get there You have to go beyond What a human has ever been Join us We are already there Maybe that's the real ascension But we will never call it that Because it was such a bullshit concept

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 1, 2011

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