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Fuck Patience

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If we use more efficient electricity, appliances, we can save this much off of the global warming pollution that would otherwise be put into the atmosphere. If we use other end-use efficiency this much, if we have higher-mileage cars this much -- and all these begin to add up -- other transport efficiency, renewable technology. We have everything we need, save perhaps political will. But you know what, in America, political will is a renewable resource! When we see solutions, all the so-called solutions, put forward to global warming, the thing they all have in common is that they take industrial civilization as a given, and they take the natural world as the dependent variable. It's all about saving civilization, and that's entirely backwards. What it should be is we need to do whatever it takes to save life on the planet. In the next 40 to 50 years, we're going to see the extinction of more species than we've seen in the past 65 million years. That, to me, is a red light and a siren going off as a call to people who will cut through the crap and do what is necessary to protect the Earth for here and now and for future generations. It is you that are going to have to answer to your children 50, 75 years from now, when they ask what you did during the eco wars. And in that sense, I think each one of us has to live the life today, this very moment, doing the things that we would be proud to tell our ancestors about. If we are serious about saving life on Earth, we've got to start fighting back in the ways that people do when they realize that they need to form a serious resistance movement. Most indigenous who maintain any sense of a traditional worldview know that the way of life that settler society has imposed on this land is unsustainable, yet there has been a sense that we really need to kind of wait until it collapses, or wait until they're done doing, or they've reached their limit and they can't continue the way that they've been going on, and be patient. Fuck patience. I think, really, the big problem is power and that's something that liberals have a lot of trouble kind of thinking about or wrapping their heads around

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Posted by: stimulator on Aug 23, 2010
The final piece from END:CIV is both a reality check and a call to arms. Can we really expect the power structures to change their destructive ways by asking nicely? Do we have unlimited time to stop the destruction of the planet? The answer to both questions is no. If we are serious about defending the biosphere and abolishing the institutions responsible for the hyper exploitation of the land, we have to become a resistance movement and go beyond "feel good" symbolic actions.

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