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Understanding Merge Drawing and Object Drawing

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Before you start drawing in Flash, you should know the difference between Object Drawing and Merge Drawing. Merge drawing is the original drawing mode in Flash and combines shapes with a overlap on the same layer. Object Drawing is somewhat of a grouped shape format similar to Adobe Illustrator. In this movie we'll take a look at the difference between the two and how you can toggle between the two when you're working in Flash. Before you create a shape in Flash, you can define whether the shape is going to be created using the Object Drawing or Merge Drawing model. To do that select a Drawing tool, and then you can toggle between Merge and Object drawing through the bottom of the toolbar. The icon is a square with a circle inside it. This makes sense for the icon because Object Drawing shapes have a rectangular area around them when you select them. So you can tell when Object Drawing is on when the background is dark. Or when the background is light, you're in Merge Drawing mode. And just so you know, for the rest of this chapter I'm primarily going to be using Merge Drawing mode. So if your shapes don't look like my shapes, make sure you're drawing them using Merge Drawing mode. And again, This only applies to shapes before you create them. So you need to specify whether you want to create a Merge Drawing shape or an Object Drawing shape before the shape is created. So let's take a look at some of the art work I have on the stage. So I select the Object Drawing shapes, notice the rectangles around them. Also notice the Properties panel says Drawing object. As I mentioned earlier, Object Drawing is similar to how drawing works in Adobe Illustrator. So when shapes are on the same layer, you can move the shape, and it's not affected by any shape in front of it. So notice I have the whole oval for this olive that's unaffected by the oval in front of it. Merge Drawing, on the other hand, is different. When I select the Merge Drawing oval, notice it doesn't have that rectangle. It's covered with dots. That's how you know when something is selected when you're working with Merge Drawing. If I move that dark olive, You'll notice that it's actually a different shape. Part of the right of the olive is missing, because it's overlapping with another shape on the same layer. If both of these olives were the same color, the shapes would combine. For a moment, just watch my screen to see how this works. The shapes are the same color. They combine into one shape with Merge Drawing mode. I'll just Undo those changes. And again, you cannot switch between Merge Drawing and Object Drawing shapes after they are created through the toolbar. In order to switch between Merge Drawing and Object Drawing after a shape is created, you need to use menu commands at the top of the screen. So if I wanted to take an Object Drawing object and convert it to a Merge Drawing object, The process is to select the object, then got to Modify, Beak Apart. So now you can see that the drawing object is now a shape. If I want to turn it back into a Drawing object, with the shape selected, I can go to Modify, Combine Objects, Union. Now it's a Drawing Object again. So now that you know how Drawing Objects work, you're ready to start drawing in Flash. Remember, Object Drawing objects have rectangles around them when you select them, and Merge Drawing objects have dots. and then you can use Menu commands after you create the shape. to go between Merge Drawing and Object Drawing.

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