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Dance Gavin Dance VLOG

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So... I'm doing my first... ever... first reaction video umm... I'm gonna be doing it to... Dance Gavin Dance's recent album release umm... Artificial Selection So let's do this I really love them I think they're really unpredictable Crazy... artists Really, really talented umm... They always have the craziest instrumentals So I'm stoked! Love those melodic breakdowns Classic Dance Gavin Dance! Ugh...voice is like an angel Oh! It's been recording! Ok Lucia's in my car now! Woooo! Picked me up from my favorite corner! You trying to kill us Jacqui?! There's like...specs of light on the camera Specs of light? It's called Hope Wow, I haven't heard this type of music since like... my emo... Your emo days? Not...I wouldn't say that, but, heh, ya know when... I don't know I think we all have emo days Yeah This is just, like, angsty Like... when you have a lot of energy I feel like I'm shopping at PacSun or Hot Topic Yeah and then all of a sudden they'll drop down and just have like a f*ckin groove... out of nowhere I just love the drums on these types of songs Uh huh... She's never heard Dance Gavin Dance at all Never Like her first, first reaction Premature reaction... The name really...I kinda thought it was something else with the name, ya know, Dance Gavin... But they make me dance though! Ya know what, I thought of the little meme boy Gavin Nothing...ok I can't... Hey! Woo! Alright I also love the guitar sound I know I like this one a lot already Woo! I just wanna mosh! Yeah, I do want to punch someone real quick like... Just a quick elbow to the face Woo! I don't know what they're saying, but it's still... Hey, c'mon man! Uhhh... There ya go, they'll let you, they'll let you Woo! Woo! I love when they break it down like this Yeah, I love this "You're a classy lady how'd you get so bad?" How'd ya get so baaad? I don't know hehe How do like... They just throw stuff in like that and I'm like ok Dance Gavin Dance It's like badadadadaaa let me speak some emotional stuff to ya real quick I know That's how I like it like, ooo! Me too! It's the best Alright Yuuup Woo! Are we on a new one- ohh Okaaay are we slowin' it down, and then we're gonna... Yup that's exactly what's gonna happen He has a heavenly voice He does Ooo! Ooo I think this might be my favorite one Yeah! I can see you on this track, too I love the chords they're using and everything Okaaay I like the lyrics, too Yeah, they always, like... I don't always understand what they're saying, but sometimes I'm like woah Yeah, but when I do it's good heh I'm like okaaay...ignorance It's like really deep or just really clever, too Yeah Woo! That bass, ooo! "If you wanna keep your mouth don't run it" Eyyy... damn! I felt that Shots are being fired in this song Yuup If you wanna keep your mouth don't run it I'm not gonna talk anymore Luckily, we've been saying only good things Yeah Whaaat I heard sociopath I thought they were gonna say social butterfly Did they say sociopath?? Sociopath I thought they said social butt- And I was like what? Yeah definitely social butt Social butt Ok it's gotta good breakdown Woah! Just the name of this song, I knew my blood was gonna be sucked Bloodsucker!! Heh your arms I'm really focused Ooo! Ok ok not bad Another dark one Yeah Now it's beautiful Just like life, wooow! I see what they're doing Yes! I see what they're doing That is...yes. Very metaphorical for the rollercoaster of life. Okaay I feel like I need to body roll Wow ...really complicated relationship Yeah! And some of them seem with himself Yeah You can make a right here Self deprecating relationship Yeah ya know when you're just like...not good for your own self Oh That was the end! Yeah buddy! Well so what would you say... I would...So I would say...this is because... First of all, this was my actual first time listening to this band entirely... Also, because it's not my first preference of music... I think it's actually really good cuz I've never really put myself out there for this type of music It's actually really good! Yeah, right? That's my take on it I mean... I'm glad! It's definitely loud, ya know, you have to be in that mood when you're like ok with... Yeah ya know...putting it up Yeah But I do like it! I think I really love this band because I'm not really into this genre generally either but I've gotten more into it because they have such a good balance Like they have the melodic, the beautiful, and the heavenly side and the leader singer's voice is so beautiful... It's actually really nice when he's not yelling ...and then they throw in some of the screaming, which is ok because it's balanced with that, ya know? Yeah Like for, I feel like, people like us who aren't exactly into the screaming the whole time Yeah But also, one thing I don't really... not that I don't like it, but it's just like I'd rather not is like... If they're yelling and it's kind of just *gibberish* I don't know what they're saying and I'm really into lyrics Yeah.... for sure So... but ya know... Definitely like sometimes you'll be amazed when you look up the lyrics and you're like that's what they're saying? Yeah! But I'm pretty sure since it's like what you said, like, balanced I'm pretty sure there's like a meaning that he's talking Not just like let me yell in your ear real quick little girl Most of the lyrics I feel like are....pretty, like... the parts where they're screaming, like there's some dark stuff Yeah, I feel like it actually does represent like not dark, but... just like ya know...that part where you're just like... Yeah I think it's less about the lyrics and more about like the anger and the angst Frustration I feel like frustration could be good or bad though, ya know Yeah, I think it symbolizes, like, releasing those feelings Yeah exactly, which honestly I think that's good Yeah, you should release Unless you're releasing something hateful...ya know But I feel like these guys are probably not that hateful in real life because they get out their feelings in their music Yeah, exactly instead of holding it in and then it's really painful Yeah That's exactly how it should be And also, as a songwriter, I think you can like channel certain emotions that you've had at one point But it doesn't mean that like... You're in that always feel like...always feel sad Yeah They're probably channeling feelings that they've felt at one point One hundred percent And I actually find that interesting that you said that because I know that certain artists... actually can't write anymore because they're not in that zone anymore So they're like oh I just don't feel this so I can't But it depends how you are cuz it's a hundred percent, like... everyone has their own unique, everyone has their own way, but... Yeah I don't... I don't write very often because I definitely need to be inspired like that, umm... but sometimes I feel those old emotions come back for an instance and then I can write about it, again Then like... and then I think people sometimes think ohh like you feel that way right now? I'm so sorry that like you're depressed or you feel that way and it's like not really, I don't really feel that way right now Because I mean...yeah cuz if you think about it artists that like perform right? They're not gonna be like oh I don't wanna sing that because I'm not in that mood anymore It's like no, you sing it and... I feel like that's not like a true artist themself... Should be able to give that to people Exactly and I don't wanna say like a true artist can go back into it or I mean like... ya know, put in artistry in the songs But I feel like, yeah, some artists just can do that If you're like feeling really happy in life and then the song brings you back into a dark place... you might not wanna do it, but... I just feel like if you've felt that strongly about a topic in the past you should be able to always channel it If somebody was so important to you in your life I feel like when that's the case you should kind of like... If you're gonna go back to it, you should go back to it with like empowerment saying like, wow I can't believe I got through that Yeah Ya know, to a point where it could help others Ya know, but that's just like a deeper like... Yeah But yeah that's definitely necessary in order to go back to emotions like that Well, thank you Lucia for coming on my first... Yeah! first reaction video! I hope it's not your last and... And maybe we'll do carpool karaoke We should do it on the way back Alright

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