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Laying the Foundation 003

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Today we are at Module 1, and this is a really, really crucial module for you all because it really lays the foundation for how the rest of the course is going to go and how you will proceed forward with your dream book. So let's hop right into it and get started. When it comes to laying the foundation, just like anything, like the foundation of a house, it's really important to have all of the sketches and everything laid out and mapped out and start building that foundation so the rest of it can follow. And it's the same thing with a book. I think a lot of us that have a book idea we get really excited, but we don't even know where to start or the goals of why we want to write a book. I think the idea of writing a book is really fun and great, and it is; it's an amazing journey. But I also think that it's important to understand the process of it, and by getting clear really early on it will help you in every single step of your journey. When we talk about laying the foundation for a book, there's a couple things that you can do. One would be to clear your schedule to make sure that this course and this book is of a very high priority because it is, and this is the catalyst for your new career as an author and a health coach and really elevating your brand and your business to the next level. So make sure that you clear your schedule, and you get really organized. We're going to give you some different resources that I'll go over a little later on in this module but it's important to get really, really organized. A lot of us have this, what I like to call, analysis paralysis, and so we will put the main thing off, like writing a book, because we give all of these excuses. What I see a lot with students is they need to organize their office and organize their pantry and do all of these other things before actually sitting down and writing their book because that's, in a sense, the hard work, and it's also what's going to get you to where you want to be. And so I think getting really organized right off the bat by if your office needs cleaned and you need to have that nice, centered space to write then by all means do that. If you need to clear out some papers in your living room, do that. Get really organized, really clear, about your space and your surroundings because I think that's really crucial. Then also, with getting organized, it's really important to get organized with your book and your setup and how you will write your book, essentially, and your manuscript or if you're writing a children's book your storyboard, and we provide you will all of that, so I'll get into that in a minute as well. But these things are the basic foundations. And the last one is to get really clear about your beyond the book goals. We use the term "beyond the book." We'll use it over and over and over again in this course because I think it's really an important gem and piece of this program. We not only think it's important to write a book, but we have to have these beyond the book goals because that's what ultimately is going to sell your book and drive it, so if you can get clear about that right off the front, right off the bat, then you are golden, and that is such a huge piece of your foundation. So for example, if you are really passionate about women and thyroid issues, then maybe your beyond the book goal is to become a national speaker and be on a speaker's bureau, speaker circuit, and really get your name out there. Maybe you're writing a children's book, and your beyond the book goal is to create a product line. We've had some authors that their beyond the book goal— I know one specifically, she wrote a skin care book on eating for your skin and had some different recipes in there, and her beyond the book goal was to create a skincare line, and she totally did. She is launching her skincare line in alignment with her book, which is amazing and a really great beyond the book goal. It's really important to have that and to lay that foundation right at the beginning so it can help drive you throughout and so that you can meet these goals throughout your book and beyond even the book launch alone so you can kind of see your 1-year plan, your 2-year plan and see how you evolve. I think it's also a really great way to weed out things. Maybe you just are coming with the idea and you aren't really sure what your book is going to be about and you have all of these ideas, but if you can see your beyond the book goal, for example, if you know that you want to be a speaker, well, what are you passionate about speaking about? Maybe it's positive thinking. Then there you go. Your book should be about positive thinking so that way you can get on that speaker circuit for positive thinking and transformation and change and all of that stuff. That's why it's really important to get clear. Again, it can work for you there. If you have the idea, great, see how it can fit with your beyond the book goals, and if you don't have the idea yet for your book, then I think it's really important to get clear of what you want to do beyond just the book. And I just want to note that for some of you it may just be creating a family legacy, like you just really want to write a book for your family and there's not business ties to it whatsoever. Then that's totally fine too as long as you are very clear about it from the beginning because this will help move you forward in the process. When we say get clear—and I gave some examples here— these are a couple questions that you can ask yourself when you are thinking about beyond the book. Really, what do you envision? How do you see your brand evolving? What opportunities will you be seeking out? And how do you really want to feel? How do you want to feel once your book is launched and into the world? How do you want others to feel? And what are the biggest opportunities that you would like to see come from it? Maybe it's the speaking, maybe it's developing a product, maybe it's becoming known in the media, maybe it's selling an online course, or maybe it's just a family legacy, whatever it may be, but get really, really clear right off the bat. Okay, so we made this super easy for you to get clear and think about your beyond the book goals. This week I would encourage you to look at your resources and use them. There's one that's called Get Clear and Beyond the Book, and that's going to be really great for focusing you in and getting clear about your goals and your book. There's also writing resources. This will help you get organized, help you see what will be best for you, and just help really clear your space so that you can fully show up to write. And then lastly, there's a manuscript and a storyboard template, which these are fantastic. The manuscript is basically all laid out for you, so it's exactly what you need to start outlining your book and writing your book, and it's in a format that makes it really simple and easy for you to then lay out your book later in the course. And then the storyboard template is for anyone that's writing an illustrated book or a children's book. It helps you map out your storyboard so that you can easily take it to an illustrator. So I encourage you to look at all these resources this week, use all these resources, go through them. With the Get Clear and Beyond the Book resources, fill them out and get really clear, and then also share with us on your online community. We will definitely help give you feedback, support you in any way that we can, and give you some really, really helpful advice and insights. We have moderators, myself and Joshua, that will be there to support you.

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Laying the Foundation 003

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