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T4TT - EXCLUSIVE... Dean C. Clifford - Both Sides of The Story Part 1

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Free Pess Presents Dean Clifford - Making it simple Praise not really do, but thank you! Somebody just finally had the nerve and the arrogance to stand up and say what everybody was really thinking anyways, dude on the internet. That's not my own claim to fame, I guess. That and making things simple. That's my whole philosophy on this. Is that, if the simple man can understand it, then it's not a remedy. The videos are only half of the story. That's the other problem. I actually wanted to stop put stuff out until I had the chance to put everything together so people had the full story. Both sides of the equation. What's really going on. Stop people from going into court and getting into a yelling match with the judge, the administrator of the legal name. Because you are not. There is two different legal names. And I only talk about the one side in the video. So we're going to talk about both side. What's going on here. The jurisdiction issue. And where people are going wrong. It's not like I am all perfect, I just spent 18 days in jail myself. But that was my choice. I refused to make application for bail, at all. I just said "No, I am here to deal with this now". I've got the crown to admit on record on the first day in front of the judge they had no claim, no cause of action, no contract, no jurisdiction, nothing. And then the judge proceeded to keep me there. And would not release me anyway. He's liable. We will be going to civil court. He's going to get sued, as long with the crown for his actions. I really don't care. They could have kept me in there for another eight months Because I am making more money by sitting in a chair, watching satellite TV, and drinking coffee, than I was by actually being outside at home, right? I don't care, I had fun with it! I have a lot of stories about that. I like to tell people "if you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong". Did you drop your soap? You know what's funny about that? I have my own private shower. It's not open showers for every body. The first time I am in there, I am washing up, and I did it, I dropped the soap. And I started laughing. And I said "Oh man! I got to tell the people I have dropped the soap, when I get out of here!" And it broke into a couple of pieces on the floor. And I'm like "I don't know if I want to use that soap now, it has touched the floor of the shower", so I left it there! Not the cleanliness of place. You guys have fun when you are doing it. And I have fun when I am in jail I'm like "Yeah!". You know, whatever, it's true! I have a whole file I like to bring and show people just they know I'm not lying. Where when I started to draft my own legal documents, or any papers I'm going to write. I write them in pencils note. Gulf pencils they give you in jail for the back of the requisition form, so they can't keen stuff like that. And that's what goes in the court file. So, you just make the best out of it. And let them know that jail does not bother you. Because that's there last card they have against you is "You will go to jail!" So what? Big deal! That's the worst you got? I can go to jail?! Give me a break! I mean, if I am not free to travel the highways and do what I want, I am in jail already! That's just a smaller room! That's it! So I don't care! They have to know that. They have to know you are not afraid of them. It's a bit of a pissing match in court. It's a battle. It's a war zone. It is! That's what court should gulp for, right? We used to have armies, and go into the field, and you know "I am right", "no I am right!" "Then if my army beats your army, then I'll prove to you I am right!" Well they just moved that to a court room. It does not mean we have to act civilized at all times. Because it is still a war zone, they are still attacking you, right? That's why, I'm not kidding, I'm yelling at judges sometimes. I'm doing that, but I do not recommend people doing that at all. Because that's going to get you where I went for 18 days. I just don't care! We will go over what I started touching on the videos, which is one side of the equation. I don't know what everybody's background is. But I already know that everybody is just a mass confusion on what the name is. Still, just a mass confusion. So I think that's probably where we will going to start. Don't take my word as law. It's only law if somebody agrees with me. Then it's only law between us two. It does not have any bearing on anybody else we are going in to the court against. People have to understand what law is as well. Jurisdiction law, the name, we are going to touch all of that right now. I'm assuming everybody have probably seen the videos. Whew! Okay! Like I say, not the most professional videos on earth! They are wonderful! Oh, thank you! That's great! What's the government doing to us? Why aren't they recognizing our rights? Why aren't we traveling the highways ?? by agencies and government? And what is the name? That's the most important thing. I touched on one of the videos there. I start talking about the name. We go through it all. But we are talking about only one side of the equation in that video. I meant to get on to the other half of what's going on. That I haven't quite perfected yet at that point. But then we never did. So everybody that have watched the video are getting only half of the story. So, I am going to draw both side of the equation at the same time here, as I am going to explain what happened. So we can see the differences between the two. It's the same legal name. But it's a name in two different jurisdictions. It's what's happening. You are the administrator and the beneficiary of the name on one side of the equation in a jurisdiction. And they are the administrator and the beneficiary of the same name in a different jurisdiction. And that's what people don't understand. They don't understand jurisdiction in court. And what jurisdiction is, period. Right? And once again, how many times I have tried to tell people this, well, we will start with man. You're born, and one of the first gifts your parents give to you is a name. It's given to you. That's why it's even called a given name. And then you have your family name, which is your surname. And they filled a registration form at the government. And that is something I am also going to clear up right now, somebody can prove me wrong on this, I'm still waiting. The challenge is out there. If somebody actually wants to send me documentation on what registration is, they conflit with ???. I'm still waiting, and it's never going to show up. In there own laws, in ??? laws dictionary, you can look it up. Registration is not this nefarious thing. As soon as I register something, it is not mine anymore, right? It is the exclusive property of who ever I registered it to... That's nonsense. Just look up the word register in ???'s law dictionary. It says right in there: registration transfers no interest in property. It does not transfer any interest in property What it is? It is a recording. It is a public record. It is meant to protect your interest in that property. They are not tricking you into registering something, then saying: HA! Now it's ours, and you have to do as we say! That's not what's going on. So we register a name. There is a trick being played but that's not it. They register you the name, sorry. Again because, you are recognized through a name. That's the will of government. That's the will of legislature it is to be recognized through a name. I don't want to say they can't recognize a man, they can. But they recognize through a name, because a name is a title. And you cannot do anything without a title, nothing! And that's the whole point of what's going on. Your given name, once it is registered becomes a title that they recognize you through. So we will just say that... What is it in B.C.? Is it a Certificate of Live Birth? Statement of Live Birth? Yeah! Statement of Live Birth. Registration of the Live Birth. Yeah! Either way, it is a registration, okay. So it's a public record of a live birth. It's all it is. It's not ??? new property to the government. Nothing nefarious of sinister. In fact it is a good thing, you are going to want that. Let's just call it a live birth record. Cause down in the United States it is called something different. ??? particulars of a live birth. I don't care! It is a document ??? by the government. And the most important part of this document is who signed it. And that's one of our parents who signed this. That's the important part of this document. Nothing else upon this document is important except for who's signature is on it. We will say Live Birth Record. We will just call that line jurisdiction. With Live Birth Record. And on this Live Birth Record is the signature of one of our parents. That's very important because that means it is our parent who created that, by their signature. So that's a creation of theirs, that gave us a title, a name to be recognized through. So, let's start with the points, the differences between the document. So the Live Birth Record is created by our parents We will say created by us. Because your parents are just acting like your gardian. They are doing it for you, because you are a little baby, they have to feed you as well, right? I hate it when people say: "Oh, I was born sovereign!". No you were not! Did you feed yourself? You go crawl around and find a meal, and bones to eat?

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T4TT - EXCLUSIVE... Dean C. Clifford - Both Sides of The Story Part 1

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