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Rep. Folwell: Vertical Licenses Save Lives

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Anchor: State leaders are considering a shift in policy to keep alcohol away from young drivers Our Laura Barron explains how the program would make an obvious change to driver's licenses to make sure it's immediately clear who is and who isn't 21 years old *register beeping* Newscaster: 21... or not? It's sometimes a long stare, or an argument convienence store owner Raj Kumar has with underage customers Kumar: We often have problems coming in with a fake id. Newscaster: But, a house bill is looking to change that by changing the design of driver's licenses This is what your driver's license looks like right now But if the bill were to pass, and you were under 21, it would shift to something like this. An unmistakeable sign of age. Rep. Dale Folwell: It's a common sense solution to a problem that's facing North Carolinians It makes it easier for people who distribute beer and wine to determine Newscaster: Bill sponsor Representative Dale Folwell says clerks often sell alcohol even if a person shows them an underage ID. And that's why he says that 21 states are already using vertical licenses to ID the underage including our neighbor Virginia. Ackerly: I think it's a good idea, it might help with fraud IDs and stuff. Newscaster: It would cost the state $50,000 to make the change to computer software and some under 21 say "What's the point?" Lewis: They've already make it pretty difficult by blatantly putting Under 21 on the license itself and having it yellow. So it just seems like a waste of money to change the machines to give out vertical. Newscaster: If a shape can save lives, Folwell says it's a small price to pay. Rep. Folwell: "We're here to enforce the laws so they grow up to be beyond teenagers." Newscaster: Laura Barron, NBC 17 News Anchor: Well the licenses would apply to new issues only. The bill now goes to the House Appropriations Committee for more consideration. It has the support of numerous agencies, including the Governor's highway safety program and the DMV.

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Posted by: dalefolwell on Jul 7, 2008

Rep. Dale Folwell is sponsoring a bill to cut down on under age drinking, by reformatting newly issued driver licenses for under-21 drivers.

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