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Grey's Anatomy Scene-SPA 425

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Dr. Grey's oldest daughter is one of your patients, correct? You've treated her through the years, which means you must likely had to sign off on the adoption. Why was it held up? Do you know? What did I do? Uh, unfortunately those things always have delays. I-uh, I mean I see it all the time. It wasn't because Dr. Grey was briefly fired from Grey Sloan? Did Dr. Grey's insubordinate behavior, almost cost her, her daughter's adoption Dr. Karev? I'm sorry, I don't, I don't see how her family life is relevant here. Well she seems to be fairly cavalier about the law in both her professional and personal life so I'd say its relevant. In fact she used her youngest daughters identity to commit insurance fraud- Alan Brown, Farah Alizary, Debrah Green and Sam Carter Dr. Grey we have your list of patient testimonies here, you don't need to repeat them. Those are the names of the spouses of every patient I've ever lost, I remember every single one of them. Okay. Um, thank you for that. You don't get to sit up there and ask questions about my daughter. If you want to take my license, and make sure I never see another patient again then you do that but you have absolutely no right to ever mention my daughters name because you are the one who killed her father. You don't remember me Meredith But I remember you. As the coward who stood over my dying husband. It'll be fine The love of my life and you didn't even attempt to do burr holes. After he failed to get him a head CT! Burr holes! We don't have time for a CT I was doing burr holes as an intern. That one night should have cost you your entire career. But instead you're sitting up here judging me? You don't deserve to judge anyone. Your honor if we could um, just take a short recess to evaluate the situation. See if Dr. Grey's um conflict of interest is My conflict of interest?! My medical license should not be in this mans hands. Okay come on- He is dangerous- okay come on lets go! Come on let's go, let's go.

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