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Why does the TV have to break down today of all days? They build them that way on purpose so that they fall apart fast. I don't necessarily have to watch TV. Me neither. Not just because the TV is broken - I mean in general. I don't like watching TV in general. There's really nothing on TV that's worth watching anyway. Today we don't have to look at the stupid box at all, thank God. Nope. You look like you're looking at it, though. Me? Yeah. No. I'm just looking in that general direction. But you're looking at it - you're always looking at it! Me? I'm looking at it? Where do you get that idea? That's how it looks. That can't be how it looks! Because I'm looking past it. I'm looking past it on purpose. And if you paid me the tiniest bit of attention, you would have figured out that I'm looking past it on purpose. But you don't pay any attention to me at all. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ... We could just look somewhere else. Somewhere else? Like where? Off to the side. Or behind us. Behind us? I should look behind us? I should look behind us just because the TV is broken? I'm not going to let a TV dictate where I should look. What kind of show was going to be on tonight? A variety show. It's an outrage the kind of junk that comes on the TV every night. I don't know why anyone actually watches any of it. A person could read instead, or play cards, or go to the movies. Or the theater. Instead we sit here and stare at this stupid TV show. Oh well, today the TV is broken. Thank God. Now we can at least entertain ourselves. Or go to bed early I'm going to bed after the late night news. But the TV is broken.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 39 seconds
Country: Germany
Language: German
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Genre: Animated
Views: 87
Posted by: jplagwitz on Nov 4, 2015


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