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Saving Money Secrets! Cooking Soy beans 1 - Making Marinade Sauce

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DesteniChineseTD: Saving Money Secrets - Marinade Soy Beans 1 (Marinade Sauce) Corrections: Not Garlic powder, it's Yellow Curry powder Not Thyme, smell strong should be Rose Mary Now this is the- black preserved beans, you can see on the Left here, this is the original size, and- here(right) is what I chop it using the- butcher knife, to make it smaller size, and this is what it's looks like should be able to find it in a- chinese store or something you know yeah, ok Ok, you can see there is- ginger, and I cut them into little pieces you know, ok and I put the preserved beans in the jar like this Now you see this is 'garlic' and- ok you see here, this is the garlic that we chopped using the- a mini-chopper that, you can buy it in, canada but I don't know about you know, usa probably, china taiwan or you probably need to take a look, to see whether you can find something like a coffee grinder or something like that because this thing is pre- pretty good, it- it chop the garlic into, you know little pieces like that (in jar) and we stored it in a 'in a jar' and probably you can see there's "oil" you know, see? there are oil- we put oil, on top of it is to preserve it for instance like these garlic it has been- storing for many months, probably- four months? or maybe half year you know so we're going to put the garlic into the jar here I'll probably- probably will show you guys how to use this thing, to chop the garlic because I'm, pretty much out of stock here, ok Ok, so what happened here is- time travel? dimensional shift? No, it's two days later, well just like what I said, I'm gonna show you guys how how to chop the 'garlic', and this is a little peek 'preview' of what happens two days after the jar is is 'like', as you can see it looks pretty ok, you know I- I can smell the smell- the seasonings also so we're going to put some garlic, into the chopper and, I'll show you guys how it works Ok, so this thing, press it for ten seconds, for about this amount Ok, if you want to- it be finer, then you press it again Yeah something like that, see it's very simple Ok now back to that night Ok now you can see here this is, the garlic and the preserved beans now what is this? this is soy sauce, this brand- if you can find it this is white vinegar, about this much of volume, you know yeah, like that and, this is 'salt', about four spoon and the size of the spoon is like, you know this, not very big and we're going to put everything into the jar- ok now what is this? this is 'baking soda' which is- quite important so that you need to put it in, but be careful about the 'size'(dosage) you know, just about this much(1/10 to 1/25 of a tea spoon, the picture showing power is 'flat'), not too much because we're going to cook it, you know in the pot for- continuously at least for two days So, not too much, because I- I 'did' put too much in and, it kind of like 'too strong' and, make my pot 'erosive'? things like that, ok Ok, these are the seasonings that I'm going to put in- basically you know how much you put in, it all depends on how much 'it cost' you know if it costs, more expansive you put less and also depends on- whatever you can find, in your area so so let's go over it very quickly ok this is (curry powder), this is- it should be thyme or Rose mary well it should be (rose mary) ok and this is seasoning salt for you know people that use for 'steak', it said: No MSG added and, if you believe what- what it said, then you know (laugh) 'self' save you, not god save you you know self 'bless' you (laugh) this is black pepper and this is chinese- dried mandarine orange 'skin' you know in- in making into powder this is (kapurkachali powder) what does it said? it actually is- is a, dried- 'ginger powder' which they make it into into powder and, you know people mix it with- eat with together with you know 'chicken'? in hong kong, china taiwan you know whatever and- and this is what people used to eat with "salmon", actually it's MSG things you know just basically for the MSG stuff, you can just add it, it has similar taste to salmon I'd say, but, you know Basically what people eat are just for the MSGs- if you (take a) look at it carefully and this is tobasco, most people know about it, this is- I don't know what it's called, it's (Lea & perrins) you know something 'sour', I know it in chinese! but it don't know it in english So basically I'm going to put, you know, these things into the jar here here! and, ok we'll see Ok now you see everything is ready, the seasoning- preserved black beans vinegar, all sorts of- those are stuff you just saw so we just need to you know, mix it up, and put 'boiling' water in and also, when you're finished, you put the oil you know a little bit of oil on top of it so that our 'buddy' you know, our 'friends' the bacteria won't germinate there, ok Ok now you can see here everything is mixed and if you can "see" the reflection you see there's some oil on top of it, so we're going to, leave it that way, close the cap and then put it on the say the corner of the kitchen for- at least a week or so I- I just left it there you know I didn't put it into the fridge as long as you have 'oil' on top of it, it should be ok So that's the marinade sauce that, we're going to use to cook for the beans and- and yah! I'll- you know I will suggest, you know guys to make it "earlier" let's say, at least for a week or so "before"! you're going to cook the beans because it will give you time, or you know not 'time' but some moments for the ingredients, of the marinade sauce to, 'melt' together you know kind of, mixed it up together, to have a better result ok Ok, so basically you can see that I am pretty much out of- beans here so, let's see this is what I put into the- peanut butter jar (defrosted beans) so, I'm going to- get a 'new one' from the 'freezer' Ok so as you can see here the, I have only one bags left that's usually where I put- in the freezer, so it's all hardened, so I'm going to put in- in the, into the fridge and let it defrost like in- one day and we're going to- prepare the beans for, the new beans to cook and yah for guys that are involved in the SRA course, I just got a muscle response, last night, it's pretty cool ok Alright here's- what I'm going to eat for the morning breakfast I mean- just going to give you guys a general idea of how much beans are eaten, you know Here! (left) you can see- about this much amount of beans and then, vegetables (right) you know so it's like "half half" and this is very good "meal" already for me even for me, as a- 37 year old, male 'man' you know how I do, is- I cook many rices you know like 10- at least 10 mugs, little mugs let me show you the mug is this mug, ten mugs of this of rice, each time and then I cook like two- 'woks' of vegetables so whenever I am- you know, hungry or- or and I put them into the fridge, and and yah, and and- and the garlic you need to put into the fridge if you want to, store it for say for half year also, so- so whenever I am hungry or I- I need to eat I just, go to the fridge and- I just clean the, you know the- the kitchen, instrument or pot and thing and just for once and then, once in a while ok so we're going to 'soak' the, 'beans' Notes: Garlic can use knife cut half or 1/3 to 'reduce damage' to chopper blade Don't put too much Garlic and Black Pepper in, they cause Pimples I found Kapurkachali and Curry powder is tasty and good seasoning Continue in Part Two CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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