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The Cross and Holy Week (CC)

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And how is everybody today? [Good] That's very good! Today, starts a special week. And today starts Holy Week. And we start Holy Week with Palm Sunday. Does everybody see the palms on the altar this morning? Palms like big palm fronds from palm trees? That Jesus' disciples when He was coming in to Jerusalem they cut those palm trees and they put it down on the dusty road. And they put down coats. [A palm tree] A palm tree. Yes. The palms are palm fronds and they put them down on the ground so that when Jesus and anyone was walking it wouldn't be dusty. And it was a royal treatment. And they shouted things to Him like: Hail, hosanna, the Son of David, because they knew that they were looking to Him to be their Messiah. And that's why it's a very special week for us. A week that's all about Jesus and that's why we call it Holy Week. And in The Purple Bag for this morning, we have something that's going to help you remember Holy Week. Who would like to look in The Purple Bag this morning? Let's let Elizabeth. Elizabeth. [Elizabeth looks in The Purple Bag] [Elizabeth looks in The Purple Bag] [Sophia leans over to try and help Elizabeth] [Sophia leans over to try and help Elizabeth] Oh yes. Could I have that, Elizabeth? So I can show everybody? See, everybody has a cross this morning, because when we talk about Jesus we remember the cross represents everything that He did. And because it's Holy Week, we want to help you remember Holy Week this week. We color on the cross and if you look ... today is Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey; there are the palms; and then we move to Holy Week to Maundy Thursday. Jesus washed His disciples' feet. He instituted the Lord's Supper. He spent time teaching His disciples. Then on Friday, we go to Good Friday, where Jesus died on the cross. And then we finish the whole cross with Easter Sunday ... reminding us that Jesus rose from the dead. And because He lives, we live and our sins are forgiven. So for this week, maybe you want to color just this part today, and then as we get to Thursday, you can color this part and this part on Friday and this part on Easter. Or you can color it all at once and put it up someplace in your house to remind you of why this week is Holy. Because it reminds us of everything that Jesus did to be our Lord and Savior. So, each of you is going to get to take a cross home today and I'll hand these out while we join together in the next hymn: Hymn 130.

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Finding the cross in The Purple Bag, Pastor Dave gives the children a reminder to think about this special Holy Week that starts today on Palm Sunday. Contact Pastor Dave at:

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