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The Yellow Handkerchief

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[gravel noise] (girl) Are you goin' across? (man) Yeah. Well, you could ride with us. (man) Are you from here, Gordy? No, I'm from out west. (girl) I'm from here my whole life. (Gordy) Are you from here? Just passin' through. (Gordy) You know wh-when you think about it, he-he's a stranger. You know, we don't really know him. (girl) So where is she? Who? Your wife. Why do you think someone would want to me married to me? (man) I was gonna ask you to marry me. You don't know a thing about me. (man) You're whole life is in your face - and I love that face. (girl) I don't want you to keep bein' the way that you are. (man) They're not afraid to see us as we really are. When they love, it's personal. (girl) Do you cry? (man) I don't anymore. (woman) What is this? Do you still want this marriage? (man) It was selfish, what I did, writing her. I should just let her be. (girl) What you're doin's not selfish - it's weak. Did you know that you made me love you? I've been through you - now I'm clear of you. (man) I don't know if she still lives there, I don't know if she lives with somebody. I think it's better if I let her alone. (Gordy) This is your fate, and you got to play this out to the end, or you're going to walk around a ghost, the rest of your life. (girl) So, it's like an obsession thing? You touch me and it goes away? Kinda, yeah. (girl) Do you think she knows? Knows what? (girl) That she's the one thing in your whole life you've ever loved? [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 22, 2010

The Yellow Handkerchief Captioned Trailer

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