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Women In Spirituality Preview - Sadhguru

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Sadhguru For women who is married she has her husband and children to care of can she pursue a spiritual path am mean Is it necessary for her and what I see is that when women start working on the spiritual path there is so much fear created in the people around her that she might be drop her family you mean the women around her possibly Usually So how is it possible to manage all of this? So generally in this culture there have been more women on the spiritual path than men most of the time but they carried on the spirituality quietly in the secrecy of their hearts thats why generally for women both for her temperament and for her social situation what was most suitable is Bhakthi So she pursed her Bhakthi in her heart nobody in the house need to know in the secrecy of her heart it went on but now... this Bhakthi movement definitely was more alive in the women of the world than in the men in terms of numbers if you take it but the male Bhaktha's always become famous The women who were Bhaktha's they couldn't even talk about it except the few like Akkamaha Devi or Meera Bhai or somebody who burst fort outside, others just kept it to themselves they found it liberating and it was fine they were not looking to be recognized in any way Today we had brought in Kriyas, Dhyana, Bhakthi everything into women's life, which she can very much carry on in her's own house only Karma yoga she has to move out otherwise all the other three dimensions she can carry on within the house without anybody knowing about it, except when she does ka ka in the morning little problem you know rest of the Sadhana no body need to know So when the social situation or the family situation is not conducive, if it is not conducive it is not so for every women for some it is not conducive if it is so, you just have to handle it tactfully and that is so for man also, it is not that man is different there are many families were women are stopped from even meditating there are also many families were men are stopped from meditating but when a women is stopped from meditating she can easily come here and cry before everybody my husband doesn't allow me to meditate but if a wife is stopping the husband from meditating he cannot even cry before everybody my wife is topping me from meditating he will just sit quietly Once you want the spiritual path whether you are man or a women people around you tend to feel insecure and tend to try to stop you so they try to create some situations internal little bit of sufferings because people don't understand and you know those unpleasant situautions Once it happened Women's liberation meeting was going on one of the hardcore women's lib was going on has to how many ways women are suffering in the world One small little meek man was sitting in the front row and he raised his hand and said I know one way that women have not suffered this women lib looked down upon him and asked now you tell me Which way is that? women had suffered every possible way Now you better tell me. He stood up and said silently women have never suffered silently when they suffer they can make lot of noise about it when man suffers he cannot makes noise about it, because he feels ashamed of that also he suffers that also Women would feel really complaining about her situations that somebody stopping her from doing something but a man suffers that sharing also So it is not just for a man or a women once you walk the spiritual path whether you are a man or a women people around you, if they are not mature enough they will get insecure this insecurity is because suddenly they find you are becoming self contained that you seem to be fine by yourself you don't seem to be need somebody else when you were leaning upon them they complaining on it when you don't lean upon them any more they complain about that and this freedom is scary and they have heard stories how Gautama Buddha left his child and his wife and walked away Its very much a part of a one's growth to look beyond these things to manage these things tactfully and go beyond that.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 21, 2010 (Full video Available at the Isha Download Store.) Sadhguru gave a special Sathsang from the Isha Yoga Center, where he answered many questions pertaining to women and spirituality. A small glimpse of the topics are: Virtues required by a woman. Is it needed for a woman to have a female guru? Rudraksha, for women? Adultery and spirituality. And of course, how its possible to take care of a family and still pursue a spiritual path.

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