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Art, Hollywood and Space - Live Show 3.37

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In 1969 a group of astronauts changed the world. They walked on the Moon. Neil Armstrong: That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind. In 1972 our journey ended. We've never been back. 2010 begins a year of change, private companies are working on next generation space ships. Governments are looking to go back to the Moon and on to Mars. It's time to look up and dream again. It's time to push humans into the cosmos. It's time to educate and engage the planet. It's time for Spacevidcast. It's Spacevidcast 3.37 for Friday November 19, 2010. We're your hosts, Benjamin and Cariann Higginbotham. We have got an action packed epicsode for you tonight. First off. For you guys watching live, you have a chance to win - BAMMO! - one of these bad boys right here. Why is this cool? This is a high definition Roku box. What? Cariann: Nothing. Ben: You looked at me like I was doing something wrong. Cariann: You said BAMMO...wrong. Ben: Oh yeah! This is a high definition box. You plug your internet into it, you plug your HDTV into it and, BLAM, you've got Spacevidcast Live on your HDTV. Cariann: Maybe one day we'll actually show you what it looks like outside the cardboard box Ben: I like the purple box with the old shipping label that I had to rip off the front. So you have a chance to win one of these bad boys. We're giving one of these away during our live shows until the final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery. What makes this so awesome? Much like the viewers over at The Space Traveler's Emporium right now, you like how I worked that in? Hi guys! You have the ability to have kind of a launch party. Right? Hook this up to your HDTV. Watch in High Definition the launch of STS-133. The last launch of Space Shuttle Discovery bring a bunch of your friends over. It's kind of like a mini Super Bowl, almost. Right? Just get some food there, cheer along with us. It's a social event. It's fun. Cariann: Get some LEGO™s. Get some T Minus Zero... Ben: THAT what we're drinking? T Minus Zero? Cariann: Yeah we are drinking T Minus Zero, because it's darn tootin good. Ben: Only way to win is to watch live and I've noticed we've got a few new live viewers in the chat room. We've even got someone from India it's sounds like. So hey! Welcome to the show guys. Alright, I think we should start off with me screwing up. Here's a clip from the last Space Pod. [video] The reason the vehicle couldn't launch was because of a leak in the Ground Umbilical Carrier Plate, or GUCP, which allows the flow of super cooled liquid hydrogen to enter the orange external tank. [live] Hmmm... As jeff122670 so politely points out on YouTube, that's completely and totally WRONG! And he IS right. That is completely and totally WRONG. The Ground Umbilical Carrier Plate actually VENTS the liquid hydrogen, it doesn't FILL the tank. That was such a newbie mistake. Now here's a shot of the ground umbilical carrier plate. To the left side of that whole thing. That's what's kinda pushing back this launch. And speaking of pushing back this launch STS-133, if you watched that last Space Pod I talked about how there was probably no way that the Nov. 30th launch was going to happen? Well now, on this show, one day later, I can guarantee you, there is no way that Nov. 30th is going to happen. Cariann: So you got something wrong and something right? Did you get something blue maybe? (laughter) Ben: As you'll see in the rotating banner over here, STS-133 the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery... you had something coming out of your head for a second. It was like this aura of the Earth right here. Cariann: Yeah, I kinda feel like everything is coming out of my head at the moment. Ben: The final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery is No Earlier Than Dec. 7th... Dec. 7th...Dec. 3rd. I don't know where the 7th came from. Oh I know where it came from. In that particular window, that gives them the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th as available launch days and that's it. Then that windows closes down due to problems with Beta angles. Which was all explained in that last Space Pod. So go ahead and hit that up if you want more explanation on that. However, NASA is asking a question of the International Space Station guys. There's another potential window on December 17th that opens up. They are asking to see if that may be a possibility. Cariann: And when is that window? Ben: December 17th. Cariann: Oh you did say that. Ben: That would be...I'm just going to fathom a guess that the Dec. 17th window may be around...Dec. 17th (laughter) So there's a possibility of that. It sounds like they're doing whatever they can to get this bad boy... THAT ONE right THERE! LOOK! It's just really weird. Now everyone's going to be watching that for the rest of the show. So that's the status with STS-133. They will launch when it's safe . When it's ready to go . There you have it. So hopefully you've flex tickets if you bought something for Nov. 30th. Alright, speaking of STS-133... The current commander of the International Space Station known as @astro_wheels on Twitter has been tweeting some really awesome pictures. Check this out. Oh..that text is painfully difficult to read. Isn't it? I did not think that through. Cariann: Doug, he's @astro_wheels because his name is Douglas Wheelock and 'wheels' isn't the only one who has been tweeting these, as we all know. Soichi [Noguchi] had been doing it as well... Ben: Or "did" it, past tense. Yes, anyhow, so the two of them have just a ton, and ton and ton, of different Twitpics from, there you go, astro_wheels, from the ISS Every last one of them is fascinating in it's own way. It's very, very cool. Some of the pictures they're taking or, some of the pictures we've seen, particularly from Doug Wheelock are (stuttering) I can't talk... Ben: Use your words. Use your words. I LOVE that picture! Cariann: The Aurora Borealis. See now, I'm calling it the guppic and that's not what it is... The star wars... the skylight that they put in??? Ben: The Cupola? Cariann: The Cupola! OK There's a really amazing picture Ben: The star...I got that from Star Wars! Cariann: Yeah, because that's what it reminds EVERYONE of... There's a really amazing pictures of one of the astronauts... ...I can't use ANY of my words today... they all also are coming out of my head. Ben: Hit up his Twitter account you can look at all the pictures. He's got a fantastic number of pictures on there. This is only a small sampling of the pictures. That's a really great picture as well. These are actually from the Cupola as well, I believe. These are actually pictures of our own planet from space as tweeted from the International Space Station flying overhead. Traveling at 17, 500 mph. Cariann: It's craziness. Ben: How awesome is that? Cariann: It's amazing!. They're gorgeous! Really, really, gorgeous. Ben: I think so. Cariann: And for the first times I've seen Seychelles now. Seychelles Islands relatively up-close. The only time I ever see them is on one of those old school maps. Ben: Oh..sure, sure....sure. Cariann: Seychelles. You only see the words because the islands are so tiny they don't really even make dots on them. It's the only thing I know of them. But now I've actually seen what the islands...they're gorgeous. Ben: It's really cool. which you saw earlier. Great account to follow. Check out those twitpics. They're amazing. He's got other stuff up there too. Follow all the NASA astronauts, actually. They all post something really cool. Another great astronaut to follow is Massimino. [ @astro_mike ] He does these great videos all throughout NASA. Walking around in a very human way. Not the normal NASA-like suit, and everything has to go through PR. He's like, "What do you do? Why do we care?" "What's this do? What's that do?" (Cariann mimics a Bronx accent) Whad d'you do and why d'we cayah? Exactly! He's another great one to follow over on Twitter. Speaking of really interesting and fun things to watch - Moon movies - There is this little war... You know how back in the, when was it, a couple years ago, I don't remember how many years ago it was, again with the...thing... Cariann: There were a couple times this has happened. Ben: Like when Armageddon and that other one Both: Deep Impact! Cariann: There always seems to be the destruction movies, or the space movies. Space Cowboys came out and there was another one that came out right about the same time. That sort of thing. And now the big thing is MOON. Everyone wants to do some sort of movie that's based around the moon, about the moon, on the moon, for the moon, to the moon... Ben: If I may interject. The movie called, "Moon," is amazing! Watch that. Cariann: YES! Amazing. Definitely go see that. It really was incredible. There's now a number of movies that are coming out. All with their own particular...slant if you will. A bunch of them are talking about, "What would have happened IF we continued with our space program?" Ben: johmknight - Apollo 18 Cariann: Yes. Apollo 18. Exactly. I'm really excited about that one. Ben: So what's the premise of Apollo 18? Cariann: Apollo 18. This is sort of the... Ben: Let me pause you for just one second before you get into it. The last flight that we took to the moon was Apollo 17. So it's important to know that from Apollo 11 until Apollo 17, less Apollo 13 which did slingshot around, those were the only missions where man stepped foot on the Moon. Then Apollo 18 through 20 were cancelled. aving said that... Cariann: The movie is the going theory that Apollo 18 didn't actually get cancelled. We just told everyone at it got cancelled. It DID go to the moon and some WEIRD stuff happened. Which is why we told everyone that it got cancelled. OK? It's along the same vein as Blair Witch. This is supposed to be 'lost footage' or 'stored footage' that has now suddenly come to light, and all the strange things that happened on Apollo 18 while they were on the Moon. All the different things that they found. All the different people they might have spoken with. Those sorts of things. So there's THAT kind of movie. Ben: That sounds like fun. Cariann: Then there's this other one that you recently found. Ben: There was Apollo 18 then there was another one. What was the other one? Cariann: I can;t remember the name of it. Ben: It's in the link. Hang on. It's in there. STAND BY! Cariann: Man Conquers Space Ben: That's mine. Cariann: Dark Moon. Ben: It's the same type of deal. They found footage... Cariann: It's another found footage. Ben: A thriller set on Earth's largest satellite, "The Moon". It was originally scrapped by its studio, Warner Brothers, in the wake of hearing about Apollo 18. Now the production company Dark Castle, is going to try to push it out. But they are going to have to do it either before Apollo 18 because it does sound very similar to Apollo 18. Cariann: It sounds similar. But the really fun thing is because of this war going on - we have another space race going on, but with movies. Ben: It's awesome. Right? We want to get people excited and Hollywood is one way to do it. Cariann: Yes! Absolutely! Ben: As long as they stay not too sci-fi. They can't go off to far. Right? It's entertaining and gets people excited and that's OK, even it's not fully correct. As long as people are excited, engaged and willing to put their support behind it that's great. But there's a point when they just go way to far. Y'know.."Zoom in and enhance. Zoom in and enhance." Cariann: Yeah. When we see the Loche Ness monster on the moon, THAT's when it's going a little far. Ben: Actually, I didn't find one. I Had a Spacevidcaster email me. Eric H emailed me with, " I recently discovered your great show and thought I would pass along some links I thought you might be interested in. Odds are you've already seen or aired these before but I thought I would offer them on the chance that they are new to you." Actually, they were not. Check out this trailer that Eric sent to us. Ben: Yes, please. I'll take two. So as Ron pointed out in the chat room, some of the data is a little old. Obviously the permanent crew of three well now it's a permanent crew of six. Regardless. I don't know...that's Hit them up and I kinda looked through the website. They've got other trailers on there as well which are really fun and cool to watch. The thing is, I can't tell what's holding back production. If they need more money? More time? If they're looking for a studio? So maybe if someone can tell us we would help any way to get that story out there. What a great story that would be. What IF we actually had followed through? Where would humanity be now? Cariann: Not just followed through, but kept at that really crazy pace. They were saying in the trailer that something like 1963: First man on the Moon. 1968 I think was the first man on Mars. That's only five years later. That's a crazy pace. Ben: If you go back during the Apollo era, the engineers that were working on it full well thought their nexct step was Mars. They didn't begin to fathom that they wouldn't be doing that. Our next step is Mars. It's the next logical step. And y'know even QG QuantumG in the room mentioned he had an article let me see if I can find that link again and paste it back in there. His whole thing was, "What if von Braun had won?" There you go. Let me...linkey linkey right there. So the concept is an interesting one. What would have happened IF von Braun won? What if we kept following through with all that fun stuff? If you look at the spacecraft it's an awful lot like the early von Braun models that he would hold up with the winged plane at the top and the giant, swooping, rocket at the bottom. It's pretty cool. I enjoyed watching that and going "I've seen that craft! Never in real life...but I've seen a model of that." Fun stuff. Right? Fun stuff coming up. Speaking of fun stuff: Art you can see from space. I have no pictures because this isn't ready yet. Cariann: Right. At this point they would be for the most part. This is the interesting thing. It's very reminiscent to me of Ben: Oh yeah. Sure. That was the water. Cariann: Right, right. So this is trying to bring some sensibility, or some publicity to how we're making our foot print on the earth. How we are affecting our green space. How we are affecting our environment in different ways. There are bunches of cities around the world that are doing these projects pretty much this entire weekend. If there's someplace near you within reason, to get to to participate in one of these things I highly suggest it because this sounds really, really fun and interesting. They have specific satellites that are going to be taking pictures of these different cities, areas. So they know exactly where they are going to be. Ben: Clouds....clouds....clouds. Just kidding! Cariann: Well that could happen to. In New Mexico there is a river that used to provide something like forty percent of the fresh water for the area and it's almost completely dried up. So what they're doing is getting entire towns of people to stand in the river bed. Ben: That's going to be cool Cariann: I would imagine with some sort of blue shirts or something to represent "this is what it used to be." Ben: And they take a picture from space. Cariann: Yes. They take a picture from space. Ben: Is Wheels still going to be up there? Wouldn't it be awesome if he twitpic'd it? Cariann: It's this weekend. Ben: So he should be! That would be awesome. It would all have to line up. Timing and all. Cariann: Right. There are cities all over the world that are doing this. For sure there's got to be one city in your country whether or not that city is close to you? That I don't know. The closest one here is New Mexico or California. So we really don't have a chance on that. There is one in Austin, etc. You can go on their website: and check it to see if there's a place near you. Ben: Can you host one if you want to? Is it like Yuri's night where anyone can host one? Yes...but the time... Ben: You like how I slid Yuri's night in there? However, I think the deadline is up because it is this weekend. Ben: Can you just do it anyhow? Just get a bunch of friends together and say, "I'm going to do this. I don't care."? Cariann: Yes. Probably Ben: Get a really tall ladder. Cariann: In Canada they're making gigantic footprints. Ben: Like Paul Bunyon? Cariann: People are standing in, like...Anyhow! There's a lot of different ones. They have some really interesting artists that are associated with the different projects in the different cities. What? You're laughing at me? Ben: I'm laughing at jetforme who says, "I don't know what Perforce is but I feel suddenly compelled to buy it. Cariann: And you SHOULD! So I thought it was a really cool project and I can't wait to see the pictures. I wanted to make sure we mentioned it before we bring up the pictures because we'll probably bring up the pictures next week. Ben: Yeah. If we can get our hands on the because it just sounds cool. Speaking of cool things: You guys remember a little while back. Hayabusa? The little spacecraft that could? Cariann: Hi Yah Boo Sah Ben: Seriously. It just had issue after issue after issue? It limped along and made it to the and finally came back and as you look at the re-entry pics it looks like it's disintegrating as it comes back down? It comes back and they were like, "We don't know if we have any part of the asteroid. We have to do tests and find out." Looks like they did. It sounds like Hayabusa is the first - Yeah! GOAL! - to go out and pick up pieces of an asteroid and return them safely back to earth. Now...I was going to show a picture of what it looked likes, but it's not what you think. It's not little pieces, or a rock, or anything. It's specs. It's microscopic specs that they picked up. So i brought it into Photoshop and you can't tell what ANY of this is. Cariann: You could swipe your finger across your keyboard and go "Dust. Hmm." across your keyboard and go, Dust. Hmm." Yep. It looks like that. Ben: But smaller. (laughter from both) Cariann: We could show you a picture of anything! Pretty much, yep. Ben: Yeah. I don't really have pictures for you, but if you hit up for JAXA's website you can take a peek at what they've got. It's really cool though, I mean this is the first time we've done that. This is one of the things that we've been advocates of. Not just going there with robots, that's the first step. The next step is send humans to Near Earth Objects. Let's go exploring! Both: ON AN ADVENTURE!!! Ben: This is the first step for that and JAXA's doing some really cool stuff. You know those epic pictures of the earth-rise over the moon that are in high definition that say copyright JAXA in the lower right corner? Because they like to add ©JAXA to everything they do? That's all JAXA. So yeah! Hayabusa! Success! Good for them! We can't show you this video either because of copyright reasons. BUT, we can talk about it. Cariann: We can. Ben: And we can tell you where to go to watch it yourself Cariann: That we can, and we will! Ben: AND WE SHALL! Cariann: Because we are space geeks, and we do have a tendency to also be tech geeks, and those two have a tendency to collide in sci-fi movies... such as Star Wars.... (Ben starts singing "Star Wars" ala Bill Murry from SNL) Cariann:Great. Thank you for that. Anyhow. Oddly enough we have had conversations like this with people like tim846 whom I'm sure you guys know from being in the chat room know... has a baby girl... whose not quite two years old has said, that he really has had conversations. The video is, 'When is the right time for you to talk to your kids about Star Wars?" It's done in a very, very, dead-pan, serious, almost like "the talk". That sort of thing. Ben: I don't even let my kids associate themselves with Binks. Cariann: I will do anything I can. Ben: To keep my kids away from Binks. Cariann: If I have to dress up like Binks and scare my child in the middle of the night, I will! Ben: I want my kid to grow up in a world where Han shot first. Cariann: None of this Greedo shot first. Then! The other! My favorite part though. There's two or three fathers there supposedly interviewing for this PSA, and a couple of them go one way on the, "You need to let them know that Vader is Luke's father." Ben: Most of them are like, "Don't let your kids know that Vader is... let them find out on their own." Cariann: "All of this developed for me over years and years and years. There wasn't just this wealth of information that you're soon to be slapped in the face with." And there's ONE father that is like, "Y'know... Maybe I WILL be hated in the community for this. But I believe that it is important that he knows, that Vader IS Luke's father." Ben: Does that make him a bad father? Probably. As helldesk said, "A world without hunger, cancer and Jar-Jar." Cariann: That was the one thing they did all agree on, I must say. I want to point that out. As much as I love you Lauren, you're wrong. In any case... I thought it was really funny. You guys should watch it. It made me laugh and I'm sure, in all seriousness, there are some people out there - some of our viewers who are parents, who, maybe you haven't thought about this before - but I'm really thinking you should. You really should. On that note: That is our show this week. I do want to thank our sponsor who got us all this high definition goody goodness Perforce Software They are the ones who made HD possible in space. They bring us the awesome clarity and give us the ability to get you guys gathered around a TV. Much like at The Space Traveler's Emporium. I would encourage you guys. Hey look. Let's get some small pockets of space community going. Grab a Roku box even if you don't win one, which, by the way we still have to give this away, and let's do this thing. Let's get a bunch of people gathered around TV. Get some, y'know a thing of chips and nachos and maybe some soda or beer. Drinking games I can definitely see drinking games coming out of this show. Cariann: YES! Ben: Get around your HDTV and watch the show live and get excited about Human Space Flight again. There's some really cool stuff going on with Human Space Flight and this is a great way to be a part of it. Speaking of... I think it's time to give away a Roku! We have made no decision on how we're going to give this one away. What do you think? Cariann: I don't know, we did numbers last time. Ben: Should we do a twitter contest? Cariann: Sure Ben: Alright, give me a number again Cariann: I did seven last time? Fourteen. Ben: Fourteen? Argh! Hang on. Really, fourteen. (Cariann begins singing the counting song from Sesame Street while Ben counts to fourteen on his screen) Oh really?! Hmm. She's won before, and she wins again. A GEEK MOM! Congratulations! You are the fourteenth person down from the top of the Twitter search, which you can verify by going to and search for spacevidcast. Count fourteen down AND you'll see ageekmom's name right there. Now if you're watching this on demand, that will no longer work. But if you're watching it live, it works right now. And so...congratulations ageekmom, you have won a Roku box. BAM!! Right there! Just like that. If you 'd like to win a Roku box, we're giving one away every week until the final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery which you can watch in high definition right here on Why are we giving these away now? Well we're going to mail them to you before the launch actually occurs. Right???? Cariann: So you can see the launch? Ben: On your HDTV. Cool...huh!? In addition, I think we've got, y'know what, like three more minutes before we hit the thirty minute mark. I think we should give away a copy of Mission Clock. What do you think? Cariann: All right! Ben: Absolutely. So let's give away a copy of Mission Clock to somebody in the chat room. Chat roomies, who's here.... Who wants a copy of Mission Clock. It works on iPhone and iPod Touch? Cariann: Raise your hands. Say me. Scream really loud. Ben: Alright. So WJACK and JESSESD! The two of you because you answered first have won a free copy of Mission Clock. Look how that works! You get free stuff by watching us live! If you're watching us on demand hopefully you enjoy the show, but you get NOTHING! You get nothing. Join us live, every Friday 0200 UTC. For those of you in the United States that's 6pm PST 7pm MST 8pm CST and 9pm EST. Wait! But that doesn't make sense. "Several weeks ago you gave me different times, Ben" That's right because we don't honor Daylight Savings Time. So that's the time of the show when Daylight Savings Time is turned back off and we're back in Standard Time. I'd like to thank everyone for watching this week. Live viewers stay with us! We've got POST Show up next. See ya one week from today!

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@astro_wheels has some amazing pictures from the space station, a new slew of movies about the moon will be coming out soon, some art you can see from space, a correction, Hayabusa SUCCESS and more on this 37th live show for 2010!

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