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The design of - cellulite

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The design of Cellulite This is the design of cellulite, communicating about cellulite the cellulite exists and manifest when human beings give their power away within relationships now what do I mean when I say human beings give their power away within relationships have a look at this world human beings 'live' for other human beings most- human beings from when they are grownups, when they are younger their sole purpose is to search for a relationship so human beings cellulite is but the consequential effect of past applications over many years cellulite is a manifestation- of a consequential effect of four to five years of a specific application what is that specific application? the desire requirement need want, and search for a relationship for love, to be kissed to be held, to be comforted to experience sex to feel loved, to feel appreciated and to experience what everyone else in this world is experiencing so now what's the most interesting thing is: human beings makes such! a huge issue, about cellulite trying all sort of methods under the sun to not- have to live with this cellulite now obviously only those with sufficient amount of money can do something about it apparently while others are so ashamed of it, they hide it and then because of the shame, they judge themselves and because of the judgment they build up more cellulite human beings of this world just- for a moment have a look: Why are you making such a huge incredible issue about cellulite? where did those issue come from? why are you accepting and allowing it? who is judging it in the first place? what is judging it in the first place and where! did that originate from within you? because when you were younger you didn't have cellulite when you got older, it started becoming quite extensive now human beings don't stop and ask those questions look at how my body was when I was younger, and look at what it looks like now ten years later human beings aging is not! normal aging is how the mind within you literally (sip) sucks you dry of your Life essence of the expression of you within and as oneness and equality of Life look at you when you were a child and look at yourself now what happened? the mind happened so what is cellulite, cellulite is when you have allowed yourself and accepted yourself to give your power away to something or someone separated from you now this is all circumstances, all! relationships your relationship with another partner, your relationship with religion your relationship with spirituality, your relationship with money anything human beings, that control you that is separated from you that influence you as a being that is an expression of you is a relationship you have and those are the reasons and causes for cellulite because you are giving your power away to everything- separated from you not allowing yourself to live as a child did a child have any relationships or anything or anyone? no a child is innocently free in expression human beings you have to become a child once again, and full of expression of who you are and live! children live look at your children, they are an example for you it's not the other way around they're here to show you the expression of you as who you are as Life you're not suppose to teach them to become a system robot like yourself start looking at what your children are showing you what your children is revealing to you? what your children is expressing as you, who you really are you want to sort out the cellulite? first you have to stop judging it, because you created it and you manifested it stop becoming ashamed of it because in being ashamed of it you're actually compounding it resisting it denying it, and in that you will manifest even further and more and you'll put on more weight you have to realize that you created this cellulite ok the cellulite is here so where in my world am I giving my power away to manifestation separated from me where I am still allowing myself, to react within myself because it is reaction human beings if you react emotionally- or with a feeling within you like it go (crak) that moment that friction (wow) give your power away because the mind consciousness system require Life essence within you to be able to generate that friction so when you generate friction, sipping Life essence, manifesting cellulite and, then you become something and experience yourself something that you know it's not you, which is your mind then you become older and fatter and you become really! dissatisfied with yourself so before you get there, or if you are there already and you're here, hearing the words I speak you have to decide to give yourself the opportunity to now stop stop allowing separated outside influences, to direct you stop everything, stand up within you take your power how do you take your power? self-forgiveness self-application, living self-honesty it is very simple and breathing absolute breathing, remaining here- as the breathe of Life thank you very much this is the design of cellulite Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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