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ABCs of Pest Habitat Modification-Exterior Cracks and Crevices

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All buildings need utilities such as natural gas, electricity, water, and cabling line, and so therefore, they're gonna be going into the building, often needing areas like this, around that pipe, where pests can use as a sidewalk to get inside. As pests go along the outside the building, if they feel heat changes, such as warmth or cold, that may be the encouragement to go inside, or also light coming out will trigger them to go inside. So in your inspection, you need to look very carefully at all utility penetrations. Now, what do you do if you find a situation like this? You've got to prevent pests from using that to get inside and so we like to use different types of meshes like copper or metal mesh that's sealed in there, and then corked around that area. So there is no way that the pests can get on the inside of the building. As buildings age, they will settle, also cracks can form on the exterior. Here's an example where the brick facade is actually pulling apart, that same situation can happen down around the foundation. So it's really important when you do that inspection, to look for these type of conditions. Mice can fit through the hole as small as a dime, and rats can fit through a hole about the size of a quarter. Therefore, anything left, this size will actually be a highway where insects and rodents can come and go inside of your building. Therefore, it's important that this is closed up completely. We recommend that metal mesh like copper or other types of metal be stuffed into that area and then corking put over it. And remember to continue to inspect, and fill in these holes so pests don't find easy access into your building.

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ABCs of Pest Habitat Modification-Exterior Cracks and Crevices

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