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It's Time to Change: Poverty

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It's Time to Change Brian Kim And We Have a Plan 우리에겐 기술력이 있어 지구 모든 인류의 의식주와 교육이 충분히 가능하다 그러나 화폐를 이용한 자원의 분배실행은 결코 이를 가능할 수 없도록 했다. 부족한 것은 구매력이지 결핍이 아니며 이것이 오랜 세월 동안 필요 없는 죽음을 초래한 이유다. 현재도 매초당 한 명이 기아로 사망하고 있다. 과학을 풀어 놓아 핵무기나 잠수함 따위의 쓰레기를 만드는 대신 인간을 위해 보다 좋은 걸 만들고 견해차를 극복한다면 10년 안에 지구는 반드시달라질 것이다. GEORGE CARLIN - APRIL 1992 - Change the name of it. Change the name of it. But it's not homelessness. It's "houselessness." It's houses this people need. A home it's an abstract idea. A home it's a setting, it's a state of mind. This people need houses. Physical, tangible structures. They need low cost housing. But where you gonna put it? Well, that's fine, but where you gonna put it? Where you gonna put it? Nobody wants you to build low cost housing near their house. People don't want it near them We got something in this country, you've heard it. It's called NIMBY. N-I-M-B-Y. "Not In My BackYard." People don't want anything near 'em. Especially if it might help somebody else. ROXANNE MEADOWS - JULY 2010 - We have the technological ability and the resources to feed, house, educate, and clothe everyone on the planet. But our practice of rationing resources through the use of money never provided the means to do so. Then how do we even begin to solve our problems, by using the methods of the monetary system that we all live under? 자기들만 잘 살겠다고 남들은 안중에도 없다면 과연 참다운 인간이라 할 수 있겠는가? 삶의 진정한 의미를 한번이라도 생각해 본 일이 있는가? 대체 언제까지 서로 물어 뜯어가며 죽여야 하겠는가? 대체 어느 때까지?.... PETER JOSEPH - NOVEMBER 2009 - The bottom line is that food, air and water are only as scarce as we decide they are. If we choose to become intelligent and strategic with our production and preservation methods, while taking advantage of technology, there is no reason why we can't provide for the Earth's people many, many times over. The starving children of the world today are not so because of a lack of available food and water. It is their lack of purchasing power, the failure of their economies not true scarcity, which causes the needless deaths of millions a year. In the world today one person dies of hunger every second, because of poverty. JACQUE FRESCO - JULY 2010 - But if you turn science loose. Not making nuclear weapons or submarines or crap like that. Making things better for people, bridging the difference, in 10 years we can change the surface of the Earth. If you can't afford to go to college, that's a crime against humanity. Any kid that wants to go to school study anything should be permitted to do that. The Zeitgeist Movement Portugal Beyond Poverty, Politics and War Brian Kim

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Posted by: pound on Oct 2, 2010

If we want to live in a world of abundance, sustainability and peace I believe we must change to a resource based economy, instead of a monetary system. Money is a nothing thing that brings only stratification, elitism, corruption and suffering.

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