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Toolbox Meeting_Tank Entry

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♪ music playing ♪ [Maritime Training Services Inc.] [In case of any conflict between the requirements shown in the movie and the company's safety management system (SMS), please follow the company's SMS requirements ♪ music playing ♪ [ToolBox Meeting Tank Entry] - I'd like to take the lids off, so it can take some air samples. - Yep. - Establish the atmospheric tank entry. Before we start doing the job, we'll get a ToolBox, which involves everyone in there who's going to be hands on, on the job. - During the ToolBox meeting, you'll want to discuss any or all of the following, The work scope, the expected outcome of the job, and all crew assignments. You should review, if necessary, identified hazards, the JHA for the tasks, and any necessary equipment or areas that have been isolated with applicable isolation tags. - The ToolBox doesn't require an officer or an engineer to be involved in it. It can be just the guys doing it, and that keeps it as an informal safety tool. It makes it easy for the guys to use and accept that they're being included in the ToolBox and in the safety process on board - Keep in mind, once a permit to work has been issued, an important series of conditions must be met before the job can proceed. - Being in a confined space, it's obviously an area of great hazard. We would pull out the JHA, go through the process of identifying what PP Equipment that we need to do. Identifying those hazards, identifying the products, and certainly the equipment that we would be using. Rescue equipment, gas analyzing equipment, and the various check lists that we've developed for that. - The tank entry checklist. Before any work can begin, it is necessary to rig any approved portable lighting and ventilation apparatus. - In some cases, tanks that have been predesigned for ventilation, we would actually have maybe a day or so require us to actually ventilate that tank space. - Rescue and resuscitation equipment must also be rigged and ready in vicinity of enclosed spaces. - The rescue equipment, obviously, from the point of view, that remains outside the tank, both in the sense of rescue harnesses, additional BA equipment that are ready and available for dawning. - Before any confined space entry can proceed, a gas test is required to ensure that sufficient oxygen levels of between 19% to 23% are present. - You're at 21%. - And that any flammable gases present are below their lower explosive limit. That's the minimum ratio of of gas in any space required for it to become flammable. - I'll go and get the Duty Deck Officer to sign, Chief Engineer, going to do three copies, one to the bridge, one to the control room, one to the work site. - The supervisor must ensure that the confined space entry checklist has been completed. You will then inform the Duty Deck Officer, and ensure that the safety watch is in attendance before the job begins. - If for some reason, we have some personnel change out throughout the job because of the watches that they are on, is we'll stop the job and have another ToolBox, and again, bring everyone back up to speed with their tasks. - That happens quite a lot. We plan for a job, but for other operational reasons we don't get the time to do it, so it's postponed. And if we start up again the following day, we go through the process again of discussing it. - So what I'd like done now, is we have an isolation register system over here, which we have all worked on before. It's so important that you work as a unit, as a team. With 14 people on board, things happen quite quickly, and if we can preempt and predesign our day and understand and reflect on what we did yesterday, I think that certainly does help enormously. ♪ music playing ♪ - With that, we're almost ready to go. There's just one more step. But is is a critical last minute measure that can often be the difference between a smooth procedure and an unfortunate incident.

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Toolbox Meeting_Tank Entry

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