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Video - Kahaani Maniharon Ki

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How long have you been into this business? For ages! So, you have inherited this business from your father. Yes, this is our ancestral business. And how much profit do you earn from selling bangles? We hardly make around 10% of profit. Do you sell your bangles only in Chirawa or outside too? We sell bangles here only. Yes, we sell our bangles in Chirawa market. And do you purchase bangles from other cities to sell them here? Yes, we purchase some designer bangles from Sikar. How many sets of bangles do you prepare in a day? We make around 50 sets of bangles per day. And out of those 50 sets, how many sets of bangles you are able to sell? We are able to sell around 5-7 sets only. We also sell bangles at nearby places. People having large bangle stores are making more sales than us. Do you think you are able to make enough profit to sustain your living? Currently, we are in "no-profit-no-loss" situation. Literally no profit at all! So, What could be the major reason behind slow down of your business? Majorly because of "Demonetization". How does the price hike is affecting your business? Yes, it's very difficult to make both ends meet. Due to the introduction of GST The price of raw material has increased a lot. And even after this, people expect bangles to be cheaper. Yes, it's getting really difficult for us day by day. What can be the major roadblocks in your business? Earlier our business was on bloom but nowadays... Due to various commercial sites and online shopping Our sale is going down and thus we are not able to make a profit.

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