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ABCs of Pest Habitat Modification-Exterior Waste

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Now let's talk about a not so sweet-smelling aspect of your IPM program, that being: garbage collection and location. Your dumpster is a perfect spot for pests to want to congregate. The reason for this is, there's lots of moisture, but even more important, food articles. You'll have cockroaches, ants, rodents, associate with the dumpster. If the dumpster is close to your building, then all of those pests have just one more step to get into your building, therefore make sure it's as far away as possible. The second thing is, that food and moisture and harborage is where pests want to be. If you let this get dirty and nasty then more of them are going to be there. We recommend two things that you ought to do with your dumpster: First of all, all of that debris, that food and moisture and harborage are going to be things that attract pests. Clean it on a regular basis. The second thing is, make sure that the dumpster itself is rotated out. Your dumpster company will be willing to bring a new dumpster in on a regular basis. Then you're not gonna have all of those rodents and roaches and ants hovering around the dumpster. Garbage pick-up and monitoring is extremely important in outdoor break areas where employees congregate. Uneaten food or drink are magnets for flies, rats and mice. Disease carrying organisms such as those would want to congregate there, that's why it's important to make sure that you keep this area clean, that means that there is no debris hanging around and it's all put inside of a garbage can. Also make sure that the things that are in the garbage can are all taken to the dumpster on a regular basis.

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ABCs of Pest Habitat Modification-Exterior Waste

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