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GMC Acadia Interior Highlight

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- Hey guys, I'm Anneliese Furey with Burns Buick GMC. I want to go over the GMC Acadia SLT 1 with you guys. Just some of the interior features, we have push button to start. You just press the brake and then push the button. Very simple. Audio, we have AM, FM and XM radio. For the phone, you can pair your device using apple car play or android auto. This will bring up your contacts, your text messages you can even use waves with the system. Navigation, you can see real time weather. We have OnStar on all of our vehicles, also our vehicles come with a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can control the rear climate. You can see on time traffic and whoops.. and if you download the myGMC app, you can control things like your unlocking of the vehicle and it will give you information of your specific vehicle. We move down and we can see a dual climate system, so if you like it warmer than what your partner does. We also have heated seats on both sides where you can do heated seat just on the back or you could do on the back ends on your seats and there is different levels, so if you like it really warm versus intermediate or low. If you look down here we have a 12 volt outlet and then we also have USBs. If you look here, you can see that we have park assist, you can also change from four wheel drive to two-wheel drive. All right and then if we move up, you can see our OnStar in case of accidents, this is always a great feature. We also have our moon roof and it is not just one moon roof, it is two. That's a great feature to have. Thank you guys for listening amd if you want to see some more information, come on in.

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