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Even the Dog Knows How to Use Sex Life. It Doesn't Require a Freud's Philosophy - Prabhupada 0845

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Saktāḥ karmaṇy avidvāṁso yathā kurvanti bhārata kuryād vidvāṁs tathāsaktaś cikīrṣur loka-saṅgraham (BG 3.25). There are two classes of men: vidvān, learned, and the fools. Not learned, may not be fool. Human being, they are, of course, very intelligent than the animals. But amongst themselves there are more intelligent, less intelligent. On the whole, they are more intelligent than the animals. So far intelligence is concerned, in the matter of considering eating, sleeping, sex and defense, that is equal, either in the animal or in the human being. It doesn't require any education. Even the dog knows how to use sex life. It doesn't require a Freud's philosophy. But the rascal human society, they are thinking that "Here is a big philosopher. He is writing about sex." This is going on. Eating, simple eating... Here is land. You work little, get your food grains produced, and you can sumptuously eat. But it doesn't require a scientific slaughterhouse for bringing big, big cows and live in the city at the cost of the life of the poor animals. This is misuse of intelligence. This is not intelligence. Therefore a devotee who is actually intelligent, they should show the way how our intelligence can be utilized. That is explained here, saktāḥ karmaṇy avidvāṁsaḥ. Avidvāṁsaḥ, fools, men with poor fund of knowledge, they have discovered so many lines of activities, simply foolishness. So modern civilization, the so-called advancement of civilization, is, I mean to say, planned by the avidvāṁsaḥ, men with poor fund of knowledge. They are not advancement of civilization. Therefore they do not believe in the transmigration of the soul. They do not believe, avoid the major issue, and they are planning in this life they will live for fifty or sixty years, making big, big plans, saktāḥ, being materially attached. Saktāḥ karmaṇi, and discovering new, new methods of engagement. Avidvāṁsaḥ. They do not know how to engage one brain and talent. That we have discussed the other day, that pravṛttiṁ ca nivṛttiṁ ca na vidur āsurā janāḥ (BG 16.7). In which way we have to engage our brain and talent they do not know. That is the difference between a devatā and a asura. Asura does not know. Asura thinks that he will live forever, and let him prepare big, big plans for material comforts. This is asuric civilization. He'll not be allowed to stay here. Duḥkhālayam aśāśvatam (BG 8.15). It is the place for suffering so that we can understand our position. But these fools, they do not take the suffering into consideration. They are making plans for more suffering. This is foolish civilization. They cannot... The so-called scientists, they are talking in jugglery of words, advancement. And as we were discussing this morning, any intelligent can ask, "So what you have solved? What kind of solution you have made of this problem of birth, death, old age and disease? Have you solved this problem?" That they will not say yes. "Yes, we are trying, after millions of years it may be possible." That is also... "It may be that we shall live forever." They say like that. Now, who is going to live for millions of years to see, to confirm your proposal? Everyone will be finished within fifty, sixty years. You will be... You rascal, you also will be finished. And who is going to see your resultant action? So this is going on. Therefore it is the duty of the intelligent person to show the way of living.

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Country: India
Language: English
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Posted by: vanimedia on Sep 23, 2014

Prabhupada speaks during a Bhagavad-gita 3.25 Lecture in Hyderabad on December 17, 1976

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