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GFP Canopy Equity, CBM

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The biggest threat to forests are poverty and also large scale commercial agriculture I think that one of the biggest area that we don't tackle is consumption Today, in this world, those who have resources are making decisions We must include indigenous communities in all levels of the decision making processes on forests I think it's very difficult if you take a large logging company and a pygmy village you have to deal with the fact that there are difference powers It's a much bigger risk if you try to ignore those social movements and they totally frustrate your projects We can't manage our resources as long as the populations concerned don't benefit If government can put in place, a real good policy regulations and laws, that's the start of everything In order to engage those communities the government decided, "Let's give the control of resources to local communities" Local communities getting together and forming associations and they get into partnership with the private sector for example, industries that use fuel wood so they plant trees when they make sure that they can sell to them Most of those projects are no longer there in terms of sustainability With many things, governments get the money and people that really are concerned they don't see very much of that I think that there is a very strong need to capacity building for autonomous indigenous people's organizations really, the network they've established themselves This is their forest it really has a lot of value Not only in terms of logging or bush meat but other things and carbon credit they can get without even cutting a single tree Sometimes we arrive in places where people don't even know it has value. It's others that come to exploit With these resources, in many villages we have seen communities that we able to manage the forests that we returned to them Often that's been done very badly Now, that's been done badly because that's been done very quickly It's often been done because it's cheaper at the state level but the tab gets picked up both in terms of loss of forest degradation of forests, impacts on communities The system has to benefit everyone including the most vulnerable You can decide on an international level whatever you want the reality shows that it's not implemented in the field I think that the responsability we have at the international level is to facilitate this dialogue A partnership should always be on the same level, bilateral so that there is not one "I am the giver" "and yes you are the taker and you better do what I say" You have to help us strengthen our governance and accountability mechanisms but when it comes to the actual development work it has to be done by us

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GFP Canopy Equity, CBM

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