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Dave Adelsheim

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The way that- Remember when we were standing out in the vineyard, we were looking at all these clusters and we were saying "this is too much fruit we're going to have to thin this"? The person who created the system for figuring out how much that fruit was going to weigh when it was harvested long enough in advance, i.e. now, so that we could do something about it to get the crop right, was Steve Price in the Hort department at OSU in the 80s who came up with this simple system that is used all around the world now to predict crop level. Well the system is- You'd think that somebody would have figured this out in advance of 1980s Corvallis, but nobody had. You basically wait until the sort of one to two week window when the grapevine shifts gears. It's been sort of building the cluster weight and growing all at the same time, so that the are still growing and the clusters, the berries, the individual berries, are still getting bigger. And they'll continue to do that until sometime in late July basically, maybe early August. But then there's this window where the vine kind of changes what it's about to do, because from then on it's going to be all about making sugar and growing the grape size. But for the two weeks, sometimes only a week and a half, the grapes don't change weight. It's a lag growth phase. And if you weigh the grapes at that point, and do a good job of estimating how many grapes are out there and you double it, you basically know what the weight of that block that you just estimated. Obviously it depends on grape estimation skill and it depends on, to some extent, on the year because not every year does it double. There was a year a couple years ago where it didn't really double. But it's- Basically if you look block by block over the years, it's a far better tool than anything else that we've got. And again, basically came from Steve Price thinking this up. I don't know if it was one night or one year, but it's what we all use.

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Talks about OSU's impact in grape growing for wine.

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