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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~19:57:58 - 20:12:59

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-Wis. -Wish. -Wish you happy. -Holidays. Happy holidays and many. -More. -Returns. U turns. Dear Hady I am writing you this letter to wish you happy holidays and many more returns. Should I write it? What you understand for this? What did you understand from this? I understood that/ I didn't understand. First of all, we wrote dear Hady. -To whom? -To Jana -To Hady. -He wrote the letter! And you wrote to Hady? To Hady, dear Hady instead of dear Jana, right? -Yes. -Instead of dear Jana we wrote dear Hady. I am writing... I wrote this letter to tell you about the holidays. Happy holidays and many more returns. Did you understand? What did you understand? That dear Hady... That Hady is writing the letter. -To whom? -To himself, no! -Dear hady, who is the sender? -Hady! no Jana. Dear Jana. Dear Jana -To whom is she sending the letter? -To Hady, Jana is sending the letter to Hady Yes, I am wr.. -Writing. -Writing. -You haas.. -You this... You this... Tela -Letter -I am writing you this letter to wish you happy holidays. -Letter letter. -I am wr... wr... -Writing. -Writing you has it tay... -There is no "has" -Has. -No. -This -This taye... Te... Tay. -Look at it! -Tayer? -Letter. -Letter. -To. -Wish. -You happy holi.. Holidays. -Holidays. -And many more returns. -Many more returns. So first of all, I am writing this letter to wish... I'm sleepy. -You happy holidays. -Just a second, just a second. Ahmad, Ahmad. -Mom, Does Hamza want to study? -Tomorrow. -Tomorrow Ali is not available. -Tomorrow I won't be available, Hamza. Isn't tomorrow your day off? -Oh I wish we could... -I. -It's like this. -I am talking about this one. Ok ok I hay. I don't wanna do this anymore.. I don't wanna write this letter. I know, I understand. I am sleepy, let's wrap it up, I still have lots of homework. You forgot this one. This one? No, here it is. This is "he". How I wish we could have been together here in Canada. I am hungry. -On. -How. -How wish we could have been... Being... Be... -Been. -Been. -Been together... here. -Here on Cadana... -Canada. Canada. -The... -Thanks for the... Thanks for the... you sent me. It has... -It has... -No, it fit. It fit... Just a second... It fit me praf... -Perfectly. -Perfectly... Eveee... -Everyone asked me where I got it from. -I feel like... when I am wearing it. -Wearing it too much. -You understood this? Now you're gonna write a letter to send it to me. -Dear... First of all... Jamila... -No. Dear Jamila, write it to me. Take it easy no hurry. You could use some of this... But not all of it. I mean you could use this until here until Canada. Caneda? Canada. -This is Canada... Where? Till here? -Canada. Here, no I am... I am. Jamila, no this is "I". How do you spell beautiful? Would it be.. B-u? No it's not correct, it's not correct. What do you wannna write? -No it's not correct... No no no... No, how? It's not correct. From here till here... I am writing. All of this until Canada. I'm sleepy, I wanna sleep. Ok Ahmad, come here come here. Ok I swear you're gonna eat it... Come here. They're shooting... Give me that, he is disturbing you. If my grandma... Ahmad. Give me that.. Give me that. -I swear I won't do anything with it. -I swear I believe you, I know. Come here I wanna tell you something. -What's the last thing you wanna write to me? -Thank you. -No -How? Down there down there. Down there down there... Signature. -Your who? Who? -Your Hady no, your Hady. -Your. -Y. -O? -Yours. Yes I know it, I know it. Your Hady... Hady? Hady. -Here. -Just a second just a second. -Enough Jamila -Here are the first two lines... Why? You write it here on your own. Let me try to write it on my own just a second. ♪ Here or here? First of all I'll write your name here. I write my name sometimes either in Arabic, or in French or in English. -Give me an eraser. -I don't have one, scratch it. Forget about English, forget about it. No, don't! Lolololololo. ♪ Mom, tell Hamza to study. Yes yes yes yes yes. Vocabulary. Arabic. All the pages are full... Wow! Arab... Jerusalem is Arab and free ♪ I'm gonna... The past tense and the present tense... Ok. But could we do something? Please.. I wanna tell you something. The teacher told us here... Give me the pencil please. I'll write my name and everything and draw a table. I don't know where to put the ruler... I wrote my name. I might write the vocabulary here. -No, what do I write here? Grammar. -The past and present tense, where are they? Yeah, correct... The past tense. Paaas... The present and the past. No, the past and the present. -Where is the book you're studying from? Page 176. -Give me that. You have it. The past tense... Paaaas... Line. The past tense. This is from here till there.. Electricity... Here it is. From here... No we could use this part from here. Which is in the past tense and which is in the present tense... See? Come here. -Past. Present. -Present. Past. Jerusalem is free and Arab ♪ -You could solve this later. -Give me the pen. The past... Listen, honestly I haven't seen anything. Here is the present tense. "He arrived" is in the past, "she arrived" in the past. This is the present... "And the spring comes". This is the past... "She distributed". Also in the past... All the verbs are in the past tense dammit. -No, I still wanna write. -I know. What do I do? It's the same paragraph. What do I do? -My pen, my pen. -Give me that. -You also have an Arabic exam. -You're done. Ok. -You still have Hamza. -And also you tomorrow. -No, what do I still have to do?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Genre: None
Producer: GLP Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera/Ron Carr
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Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 17, 2009


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