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Volkswagen People's car project, Hover Car, the flying two seater

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Volkswagen came up with a new generation of cars: "The flying car" Now, everyone is going to respect us with this new project. THE "FLYING CAR" PEOPLE'S CAR PROJECT Hello! Stop looking for something unique, Volkswagen’s project Dark 520 is here. Compared to others, we didn't have a lot of advantages. But this is my car. Here, at Chengdu, we accomplished it near your hometown Do you remember that people had many ideas about making new cars? Well, so you can have more information about the new Volkswagen project, Volkswagen created a website to create new ideas. Your dream is coming true this flying car is coming near you. I wouldn't have imagined this when I was a kid. Do you think you are capable to drive this? Now, I must have it before everyone has it. I recommend it to both, Mamá Wang Shang Ellos son mamá y papá Wang Shang Papá Wang Shang How can this car have no wheels? That is true, it doesn’t have the appearance of a regular car. Do you want to drive it? Can we see it ? A dream that he had when he was a child was always strange as the braille language. Beautiful dreams from children are becoming true, although they are not the same.. We really believe that the car's ability is splendid. Today, it is barely the beginning. This actually works. How does it feel being on top? This is too magical. Do not think it, buy the floating car. Obviously, this vehicle may appear in the news because it floats. Everyone, including me, wants to have a secret road in the middle just for these cars. But here, you need to make a turn before getting to it. You should want to accomplish something before the others think about it. Big pandas Be different Make a play This is something that you can now buy. Chengdu’s geology has just arrived to Beijing. There exists a numerous of extraordinary powers that work without boundaries. This car is controlled with magnetism. A plan was designed before and after using it. It was a clever idea of connecting it with the underground. In this area, the car reflects itself. Slow down, slow down, slow down! There is something dangerous in front of you! Never provide the shape of a car. Esto se puede ver desde lejos. ¿Cómo puedo parar este carro flotante? It can also be manage by voice control. Combine all this and navigate. Drive back home Waaah! The floating car has also a special function for it to drive smoothly. According to the plan, it is able to perm quickly and it can blend easily with other cars. It can be use when traveling and it is great going uphill. A disaster is more probable to happen when trying to park near other cars. We should think as a child. He truly believes in something out of the ordinary. This will continue Good! I agree! Who will be the next one to try it? Visit us at

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Volkswagen People's car project, Hover Car, the flying two seater

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