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Marriage 101 - for Christians part 4 of 4

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always in the hiding You don't know where to go because the legal wife keeps finding you. That's too bad. If you plan to get married, you have a decent marriage to offer your future wife. A house, an apartment, or just a small rented room will do. Of course, you're just starting. It doesn't have to be a very big house. Even a place that looks like a pig pen can accommodate a poor married couple. Then, what else should you, as a man, give your wife? Care. You should give her support. and likewise also the wife unto the husband. So, what should you, as a woman, give your husband? Respect, service, You should wash his clothes. Right? You'll carry his child. Isn't it like that, brethren? That's the right thing. Of course, a man can't get pregnant therefore, it will be you who will bear the child. Right or wrong? Never had I seen any couple who had an agreement like "Hey, Dear, I will be the one pregnant with our first two children, then it will be your turn with the next two. After then, it's my turn again." No it's not possible. It will always be the woman who will be pregnant. Therefore, give your husband what is due him. You must never abort his child. Don't go and have his child scraped off. That's evil. If your husband asks you to scrub his back, then do it. If he happens to have a ringworm under his buttocks, and you need to apply ointment on it, It's you who will do that. "What if it's contagious?" No, just do that. He's your husband. His body is your body. Is it not true? If he has a ringworm, you also have one. And that's fine. Isn't it like that? But if one treats his ringworm, the other should do the same. That's how it should be. That's what a married couple should do, brethren. The kind of service the wife gives her husband should not be held back. Likewise, as a man, you must not also deprive your wife of everything she should receive. What is the next verse? Listen. The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife. Did you hear that? Woman, you have no power over your own body, but your husband. Therefore, if your husband wants to hug you, will you let him or not? You let him because remember, you have no power over your own body. You are supposed to give him what he deserves. "The reason I married someone is to hug and be hugged at night." There's no way you two can hug each other all night. That line from a song is not true. How is it sung? Loving each other all night. Lying beside each other and happy. Wrapped in each other's arms all night long? It's not possible. They will get tired of it. It's not true. If you husband wants to hug you, you should let him. Same with you. If your wife wants to hug you, let her too. Don't push her hand. That may start a fight. God says The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife. If your husband wants to kiss you, don't refuse. You may then kiss him anytime because you two have the right to each other. The problem is you might not want your husband to kiss you but you let another man kiss you later, and you like it. You're truly being unfaithful. Right? There are really women like that. There. Remember, that's what the law of God states. It's in the Bible. Let's continue. Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, Notice this. Even in your sexual relationship, Abstaining from sexual intercourse is done. Sometimes, you don't want your wife to get pregnant yet that's why you control yourself, right? Other times, the wife may not want to get pregnant because she works, she also practices self-control. But according to God, Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, It's necessary to have an agreement between the two of you first. "We should not have a baby yet, because we have to wait until the new house is finished." It's really important that you have an agreement about it. You might be controlling yourself but your husband was not informed, he might suspect you. "Why is my wife acting that way?" "She won't even let me touch her." "Is she having an affair?" That's what happens. On the other hand, the wife wonders about her husband. "Why are you like that?" "I'm already wearing a perfume but I'm still not getting your attention." "You might be cheating on me." But she's just unaware her husband is just controlling himself. Therefore, God commands Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, There must be an agreement between the two of you. We're not going to have a baby yet. Once we have our new house and our business becomes stable, then we'll have a child. Then, that's fine if your wife agrees. That's a symbiotic relationship. Just control yourself if both of you have consented. It's not good that one decides to refrain from it while the other is not aware of it. It's God's commandment to any married couple, brethren. You know what? If we only let our hearts filled with God's law, differences will be minimized. If there will be one, it may only be too minor. It can easily be resolved. Right? But for major quarrels that result to legal separation shooting one another, scratching each other like cats and dogs. The man goes out of his house full of scratches on his face as caused by his wife. "What happened to you?" "I passed through a place full of barbed wires." But the truth is, it's his wife who did those. That's really bad, brethren. That's how broken homes start. Ask Soriano. My first question is... I just want to ask if... I just want to ask My question is this. I would just like to ask if... How do you know if you're rightly dividing the word of truth or not? The Bible answers. Ask Soriano.

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Brother Eli Soriano teaches the doctrines of Christ for married people.

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