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Inside Job (2010)

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(male voice) Share prices continued to tumble... >> Lehman Brothers was forced to declare itself bankrupt.... >> The largest single point drop... [Asian female voice in speaking non-English language] >> Regulators, they had the power do every case that I made when I was state attorney general. They just didn't want to. >> We are watching this Tsunami coming.... >> They were having massive private gains, and public loss. >> A financial engineer builds dreams. But when those dreams turn out to be nightmares, other people pay for it. Bear Sterns, Goldman-Sachs, Lehman Brothers... They knew what was happening. >> What do you think about selling securities which your own people think are... crap? Does that bother you? >> As a hypothetical... >> No, this is real. >> What do you think of Wall Street incomes these days? >> Excessive. >> By 1986 he was making millions of dollars, and thought it was because he was smart. >> Chuck Prince famously said, "We have to dance until the music stops" Actually, the music had stopped already, when he said that. >> At some point I used the word Armageddon. >> These people are risk takers, they are impulsive, I see a lot of cocaine use, prostitution. >> So did these guys know that they were doing something dangerous? >> I think they did. >> Um, I don't hear confessions. >> What can we believe in? There is nothing we can trust anymore. >> We had a whole group of people looking at this, for whatever, reason... (interrupting)>> You can't be serious. If you would have looked, you would have found things. >> It's a Wall Street government. >> Why do you think there isn't a more systematic investigation being undertaken? >> Because then you will find the culprits. >> I don't believe I have to discuss that with you. >> You come to us today, telling us, "We're sorry". "We won't do it again". "Trust us". Well, I have some people in my constituency,that actually rob some of your banks. And they say the same thing. >> I never heard him mention those things. >> Could we turn this off for a second? [Captions by]

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